What is happening at Stockport bus station?

TfGM is working with Stockport Council and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) on a multi-million-pound transformation of Stockport’s bus station into a modern transport interchange.

Is Stockport bus station still open?

“This is a landmark moment for the town centre and our borough as we finally say goodbye to the current station that’s served us so well since it opened 40 years ago,” Coun David Meller, cabinet member for economy and regeneration said in August, when it was announced the old station would be razed.

Has Stockport Bus Station been demolished?

After 40 years in operation, the sprawling terminus is being razed to make way for the £120m redevelopment of the site featuring a modern interchange, almost 200 apartments, and a new town centre park.

Is TfGM open?

Monday to Friday – 7am to 5.30pm. Saturdays – 8am to 5:30pm. Sundays – Closed.

How do I contact TFGM?

If you notice a problem with these signals, please call 0300 123 5000.

Does Manchester have an underground?

No underground system exists in Manchester, however this was proposed on numerous occasions before the Metrolink tram system was built, the GMCA have stated that the city will need a metro system in the future to meet the city’s growing population.

Can I use my concessionary bus pass on Manchester trams?

Under the ‘Local Concessionary Travel Scheme’ your pass entitles you to travel for free on all buses within Greater Manchester between 9.30am and midnight, Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends and on public holidays. Your pass also entitles you to add tram and train to your pass, for an annual charge.

Why is Birmingham not underground?

Underground system Work progressed until 1956 when the public were told the project was no longer economic; instead Birmingham got its underpasses through the city to help relieve congestion.

What is the oldest underground in the world?

The London Underground
The London Underground first opened as an underground railway in 1863 and its first electrified underground line opened in 1890, making it the world’s oldest metro system….List.

Name Buenos Aires Underground
Year opened 1913
Year of last expansion 2019
Stations 90
System length 56.7 km (35.2 mi)

Can I use my senior bus pass anywhere in the UK?

Your bus pass is valid for use on all registered Bus services within England, so if you are visiting other places you should be able to use your pass. It is not valid in Wales* or Scotland.