What is happy scenario?

In the context of software or information modeling, a happy path (sometimes called happy flow) is a default scenario featuring no exceptional or error conditions.

What is happy path and sad path?

A test case which results you in a positive result is a Happy path, for e.g. entering proper username and password on login page. A test case which yields no result like entering invalid username and invalid password on a login screen is Sad path.

What is opposite of happy path?

I use sad path. And evil path. And devious path.

What is happy flow and unhappy flow?

Happy / Unhappy Path or Flow Whatever you choose to call it, it represents the perfect situation where there are few (or no options) and nothing ever goes wrong. It stands to reason then, that the “Unhappy Path” is the opposite and includes any alternative or exception paths that might be possible. (

What is a happy path BDD?

Happy Path/Sad Path is a way of looking for meaningful examples in the course of crafting our specifications. It works on the idea that for every success case there is often a failure case as well.

What is happy path order?

The happy path is a quick, linear path to the purchase of a product or service where the customer doesn’t get sidetracked, either by their own distracted actions or by a company’s poorly designed process or because the customer has a more complex use case.

What is a smoke test?

Smoke testing is the preliminary check of the software after a build and before a release. This type of testing finds basic and critical issues in an application before critical testing is implemented.

What is happy path workflow?

Happy-path testing is a type of software testing that uses known input and produces an expected output. Also referred to as golden-path or sunny-day testing, the happy-path approach is tightly scripted.

What is sanity testing?

Definition: Sanity testing is a subset of regression testing. After receiving the software build, sanity testing is performed to ensure that the code changes introduced are working as expected . This testing is a checkpoint to determine if testing for the build can proceed or not.

What is Gorilla testing?

Gorilla testing is a software testing technique that repeatedly applies inputs on a module to ensure it is functioning correctly and that there are no bugs. Gorilla testing is a manual testing procedure and is performed on selected modules of the software system with selected test cases.

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What is the difference between happy path and Happy Day scenario?

In contrast to the happy path, process steps for alternate paths and exception paths may also be documented. Happy path testing is a well-defined test case using known input, which executes without exception and produces an expected output. Happy day (or sunny day) scenario and golden path are synonyms for happy path.

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