What is IGMP snooping querier?

The IGMP/MLD Snooping Querier is used to support a Layer 2 Multicast domain of snooping switches in the absence of a Multicast router. For example, where Multicast content is provided by a local server, but the router (if one exists) on that network does not support Multicast.

How do I set IGMP querier?

To run the IGMP Snooping querier on a VLAN, you have to enable it globally and on the VLAN. To enable IGMP snooping on a specific VLAN, use the ip igmp snooping vlan enable command in switch configuration mode. To return to the default, use the no form of this command. IGMP snooping can be enabled only on static VLANs.

What is IGMP query interval?

IGMP general query interval—Interval at which an IGMP querier sends IGMP general queries to check for multicast group members on the network. IGMP last member query interval—In IGMPv2, it sets the interval at which a querier sends group-specific queries after receiving a leave message.

Should I enable IGMP snooping?

For a home based network, you should enable it when you frequently use any kind of streaming or mirroring from your devices to stream to Apple TV or Chromecast. In some brand firmware such as Asus, enabling IGMP Snooping can fix some of the Apple TV Airplay mirroring issues.

How do I know if IGMP snooping is working?

Use the show ip igmp snooping command to verify that IGMP snooping is enabled. Make sure the upstream switch has IGMP configured.

Is IGMP snooping enabled by default?

By default, IGMP snooping is enabled on the device. Figure 5-1 shows an IGMP snooping switch that sits between the host and the IGMP router. The IGMP snooping switch snoops the IGMP membership reports and Leave messages and forwards them only when necessary to the connected IGMP routers.

Which router is elected the IGMP querier when more than one router is in the same LAN segment?

If there are multiple queriers (routers) on the subnet, a designated router (DR) is elected using PIM to avoid sending duplicate multicast packets. The elected querier is the router with the highest IP address.

What multicast rate should I use?

If you value range and/or want the maximum compatibility with older devices, then keep the Basic rate at 1 Mbps. The downside is that this can slow down the Wi-Fi throughput for other devices. If you want to encourage devices to disconnect if they get too far away, then change this to a higher value.