What is indoor and outdoor games?

Indoor games are those games which are played in a room by sitting there and in open. games like chess, carom, playing cards, ludo, table tennis etc. outdoor game. outdoor games are those games which are played in a large area or in grounds. like cricket, football, hockey, horse riding etc.

What are indoor and outdoor games answer?

Indoor Games are played within a closed environment and a number of them are played by sitting at one place. They include chess, card games, games played with gamesmen and dice, carom, etc. whereas, outdoor games are played on the ground or at least in open environment. Games such as kabaddi, kho-kho are outdoor games.

What are indoor games and outdoor games give example?

Outdoor activities require running, jumping and many other physical activities that are a necessity for muscle building. Most indoor games such as chess, ludo and scrabble require creativity and brainstorming that work as a mental exercise resulting in mental fitness.

What is an outdoor game?

1. outdoor game – an athletic game that is played outdoors. day game – a game played in daylight. night game – a game played under artificial illumination at night. athletic game – a game involving athletic activity.

What are the indoor games in India?

Some of the Indian traditional Indoor games are:

  • Chaupar/Pachisi. Pachisi, a board game, was quite popular in ancient India.
  • Pallankuzhi. It is one of the famous games which was played in ancient South India.
  • Gutte/Five Stones.
  • Lattoo.
  • Antakshari.
  • Kancha.
  • Nondi/Hopscotch.
  • Gilli Danda/Lippa.

What is the importance of indoor games?

Indoor games with physical movements like Ping-Pong and tennis helps to improve hand-eye coordination. On the other hand, indoor games without physical movements like chess, carom, and other educational toys or indoor games for kids help to improve creativity and brainpower.

What is outdoor game name?

Some of the outdoor games are cricket, tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, and so on. Also, you can find outdoor activities like cycling, fishing, camping, trekking, etc. Knowledge of Outdoor game activities vocabulary will be very beneficial for the people who love traveling to different places.

What are indoor game names?

Forget Ludo or Snakes and Ladders; here are ten exciting indoor games that will keep your (and your neighbors’) kids occupied:

  • I spy:
  • Hide-and-seek:
  • Simon says:
  • Musical chairs:
  • Scavenger hunt:
  • Charades:
  • Scrabble/Boggle:
  • Pictionary:

What are the Indoor games example?

If we talk about Indoor games, these games refer to games that we can play under the house’s roof with so many people. For example, Ludo, Carrom, Puzzle, Card games, Chess, Table tennis, and board games.

What are the benefits of playing indoor and outdoor games?

Physical Development Benefits of Outdoor Play

  • Improved Motor Skills.
  • Lower Body Mass Index.
  • Improved Overall Health.
  • Improved Muscle Strength.
  • Increased Openness With Parents and Caregivers.
  • Greater Self-Awareness.
  • Appreciation for the Environment.
  • Improved Peer-to-Peer Relationships.