What is InstanceContextMode in WCF?

The InstanceContextMode enumeration defines the instancing modes. The following instancing modes are available: PerCall: A new InstanceContext (and therefore service object) is created for each client request.

What is instance context?

An Instance Context mode defines how long a service instance remains on the server.

How many modes are of concurrency in WCF?

three concurrency modes
There are three concurrency modes available: Single : Each service instance processes one message at a time. This is the default concurrency mode. Multiple : Each service instance processes multiple messages concurrently.

What are contracts in WCF?

A WCF contract defines what a service does or what action a client can perform in the service. The contract is one of the elements of a WCF endpoint that contains information about the WCF service. The contract also helps to serialize service information.

Is WCF multithreaded?

WCF does not create any queue for client messages and replays them as soon as they arrive. Each service has multiple threads processing messages concurrently. The service implementation must be thread-safe to use this concurrency mode.

How many requests can a WCF service handle?

one request
WCF service can handle one request at a time.

Why do we need WCF service?

WCF lets you asynchronus messages transform one service endpoint to another. Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) supports multiple language & platforms. WCF Provides you a runtime environment for your services enabling you to expose CLR types as Services and to consume other Services as CLR Types.

How many requests can WCF handle?

What is concurrency in WCF?

In WCF, concurrency issues can arise when two or more threads try to access the same resource at the same time. Note that a WCF service can handle one single request at a time. Concurrency in WCF enables you to control multiple active threads in an InstanceContext at a particular point of time.