What is James Bowen doing now?

Bowen now dedicates his time to helping numerous charities that involve homelessness, literacy, and animal welfare.

Did BOB the cat pass away?

BOB the cat, star of best selling book and film A Street Cat Named Bob, died after being hit by a car, his heartbroken owner has revealed. His ex-heroine addict owner, James Bowen, who wrote a best selling series about his cat who changed his life has opened up about learning the devastating news.

Is BOB the cat still alive 2021?

Bob The Cat, the inspirational feline credited with saving the life of former addict James Bowen, died June 15, at the age of 14. Bowen, then a recovering addict, first met Bob in 2007 when he found him abandoned. They became a team nourishing each other, selling The Big Issue magazine on London streets.

How much money did James Bowen make?

The former Big Issue salesman and busker has sold more than four million copies of A Street Cat Named Bob and churned out multiple spin offs – earning £500,000 in just three years. But the Daily Mail can reveal that despite his ample fortune, Bowen, 36, continued to have his rent paid for by housing benefit.

Is James Bowen in a relationship?

James and Monika got engaged earlier this month. The enamoured foursome now live together in his four-bedroom home in Surrey where, as you may expect, the rooms are overflowing with cat treats, feathery toys and scratching posts.

Is a Christmas gift from Bob true?

A CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM BOB is the true story of James Bowen (Luke Treadaway), a man who lived on the streets of London with his cat, Bob.

Is James Bowen’s cat still alive?

Of the many tragedies that have beset 2020, the legendary Street Cat Bob died at the grand old age of 14 in June. His loyal companion James Bowen became a local celebrity in London with Bob when the pair sold The Big Issue, before the 2016 film A Street Cat Named Bob catapulted the pair into global stardom.

Did they use the real cat in A Street Cat Named Bob?

They cast multiple cats to play Bob but in the end, Bob played himself for most of the film.

Are James Bowen and Monika still together?

Does James Bowen appear in the film?

A Christmas-themed sequel, A Gift from Bob, was released to UK theatres in November 2020. The film was released posthumously, as Bob the cat died in June 2020….A Street Cat Named Bob (film)

A Street Cat Named Bob
Based on A Street Cat Named Bob and The World According to Bob by James Bowen
Produced by Adam Rolston

Is A Street Cat Named Bob Based on a true story?

Here’s a follow-up to A Street Cat Named Bob, the feelgood 2016 movie based on the true story of homeless busker James Bowen and his handsome ginger tom Bob, a stray he’d nursed back to health. The inseparable duo had a pitch outside Angel tube station in north London where Bowen sold the Big Issue.

How did Street Cat Named Bob died?

This summer his ginger feline Bob was run over by a driver hurtling through a quiet residential street in south London. The news of the beloved cat’s death led to mourning across the globe and sacks filled with letters of condolence took over James’s front room.