What is Le Pere Goriot about?

This pessimistic case study of bourgeois society’s ills after the French Revolution tells the intertwined stories of Eugène de Rastignac, an ambitious but penniless young man, and old Goriot, a father who sacrifices everything for his children.

Who is the protagonist of Pere Goriot?

Père Goriot, fictional character, the protagonist of Honoré de Balzac’s novel Le Père Goriot (1835).

Who pays for Goriots funeral?

Both Rastignac and Bianchon are disgusted that both of the daughters leave it to two impoverished students to pay for their father’s funeral.

How does Pere Goriot end?

Goriot dies blessing his daughters, with only Rastignac and Bianchon, a medical student, at his bedside.

Why did Balzac write Pere Goriot?

Honore de Balzac came to the idea to write a series of a novel about time and place he lived in and to combine them all under the name “The Human Comedy”. He wanted to cover all the important subjects from French society to which he belonged. “Father Goriot” is one of the most famous novels from “The Human Comedy”.

How does rastignac manage to make himself loved by Madame de nucingen?

Rastignac is deeply entangled in Vautrin’s plan and in the false rewards of high society. He soothes his feelings for Madame de Nucingen by using and betraying Victorine, based on the vague assumption that he’ll make it up to the young woman later.

Who is Eugene in Pere Goriot?

Rastignac is a naïve, idealistic 22-year-old law student who lives in the Maison Vauquer, Madame Vauquer’s boarding house.

Who wrote Pere Goriot?

Honoré de BalzacLe Pere Goriot / Author

How many chapters are in Pere Goriot?

seven chapters
In the case of Le Père Goriot, he changed a number of the characters into persons from other novels he had written, and added new passages. In the first book edition, the novel was divided into seven chapters: In the first volume: Une Pension bourgeoise (A Bourgeois Boarding House);

Who was Eugene de Rastignac?

Eugène de Rastignac [ø. ʒɛn də ʁas. ti. ɲak] is a fictional character from La Comédie humaine, a series of novels by Honoré de Balzac.

Who are goriot’s daughters?

Goriot, an elderly, retired pasta-maker, has devoted decades to providing for his daughters, Anastasie and Delphine.

How long does it take to read Le Pere Goriot?

The average reader will spend 5 hours and 20 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).