What is MadCap lingo?

MadCap Lingo is a translation management solution designed to assist technical writers, documentation specialists and professional translators in the translation and localization process.

How do I learn MadCap Flare?

Guest Post: 7 Ways to Improve Your MadCap Flare Skills Without Spending a Dime

  1. Brush up on your CSS knowledge.
  2. Partake of MadCap Software’s webinars and videos.
  3. Follow and participate in the Flare community.
  4. Follow Flare bloggers.
  5. Play in your sandbox!
  6. Learn the basics of responsive web design.

What is MadCap mimic?

MadCap Mimic is an easy-to-use software simulation and multimedia tool that lets you create interactive movies, videos, simulations, presentations and tutorials.

What is MadCap help viewer?

MadCap Help Viewer – The first multi-purpose, embedded Help viewer. San Diego, CA, USA – October 17, 2006 — MadCap Software today announced the release of the MadCap Help Viewer—a freely redistributable content viewer that is based on Microsoft’s (NasdaqNM: MSFT) . NET framework.

What is MadCap capture?

MadCap Capture is a state-of-the art software program that lets you easily capture anything that displays on your computer screen and enhance the image using a variety of features. Capture is part of MadCap Software’s integrated suite of native XML, multi-channel authoring software.

What is MadCap Flare software?

MadCap Flare is a powerful content management application used to create, manage, and publish content in a wide variety of formats, languages, and devices. It has lots of features that make the content management application unique and more powerful than other content creation tools.

Is MadCap Flare hard to learn?

Cons: It is literally impossible to learn Madcap Flare by yourself, you will probably need to watch a lot of tutorials. Even after that you might need some assistance when it comes to complex projects but thankfully they have very helpful customer support.

Does MadCap Flare use Dita?

This was the genesis of MadCap Flare. MadCap software wanted to produce a publishing system with the power of DITA, the ease of use and editing of Microsoft Word, the print capabilities of the best desktop publishing packages, and to do it all at a price point that any small business could afford.

Is MadCap Flare a CMS?

Enter MadCap Flare. Often thought of as an online help authoring tool, MadCap Flare is also a very user-friendly content management system (CMS). It provides a wide range of online and print-based output options (for example, Word, PDF, html).

What is MadCap flare used for?

MadCap Flare is the professional content authoring tool used by technical writers and documentation specialists to create, manage, and publish content for both print and online documentation.