What is Miss Representation summary?

Prominent women from the US, including Katie Couric and Gloria Steinem, discuss sexism in American society and the media.Miss Representation / Film synopsis

What is the thesis of Miss Representation?

A pre-title sequence sets out the central thesis of “Miss Representation”– that the sexual objectification of women onscreen leads to a trivialization and disempowerment of women in the cultural and political process.

Who wrote Miss Representation?

Jennifer Siebel Newsom
Jessica CongdonClaire DietrichJenny Raskin
Miss Representation/Screenplay

How long is Miss Representation?

1h 25mMiss Representation / Running time

How do you cite Miss Representation?

Miss Representation. 90 min. version; customized educational footage. [Sausalito, Calif.] : [San Francisco, Calif.]: Ro*co Films Educational ; Girls Club Entertainment, 2011.

Does Netflix have Miss Representation?

Rent Miss Representation (2011) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

When was Miss Representation filmed?

Miss Representation is a 2011 American documentary film written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The film explores how mainstream media contributes to the under-representation of women in influential positions by circulating limited and often disparaging portrayals of women.

Who directed Miss Representation?

Jennifer Siebel NewsomMiss Representation / Director

How do you cite a mask that you live in?

Newsom, Jennifer Siebel, 1974- and Jessica (Producer). Anthony, The Mask You Live In. [San Francisco, California, USA]: Kanopy Streaming, 2015.

Where can I watch Miss Representation documentary?

You are able to stream Miss Representation by renting or purchasing on Vudu.

What made Jennifer Siebel Newsom the filmmaker want to make Miss Representation?

IDA: What inspired you to make Miss Representation? JSN: I was inspired to make Miss Representation for several reasons. First, I witnessed an injustice towards women in the media that has worsened over time with the 24-7 news cycle and the advent of infotainment and reality television.

Who directed the mask you live in?

Jennifer Siebel NewsomThe Mask You Live In / Director