What is needle bar stroke?

NEEDLE BAR STROKE: The range of movement of the needle up and down. In general, a longer stroke makes a sewing machine more capable in thick fabric assemblies.

What is presser bar?

Definition of presser bar : a bar to which the presser foot of a sewing machine is attached.

What is needle recess?

Scarf — Recess of the needle blade above the eye, on the opposite side of the sewing machine needle to the long groove. It differs in shape and length and enables the hook to be placed closer to the center line (axis) of the needle.

Why is my needle hitting the needle plate?

The needle clamp screw could be loose The needle clamp screw could also be loose which is causing the needle to hit the plate. Loosen the screw and tighten it back up using a screwdriver. This will usually fix the issue of your needle hitting the plate on your sewing machine.

What is the function of needle bar?

NEEDLE BAR: This is a steel rod that holds the needle at the lower end. Needle is fixed by means of a clamp. Its main function is to give the needle the required motion. A groove is provided in the bar for holding the needle in appropriate position.

What is bevel of needle?

What is a bevel? A bevel is the angled surface formed on the tube when sharpened to make a needle point.

How many types of needle points are there?

A needle point is classified broadly into two types: Round, set or cloth points. Cutting or leather points.

Why is the needle hitting the bobbin?

The needle is not fitted properly in your machine. 2. The needle clamp screw is loose. Firmly tighten the needle set screw.

What is thread tension?

By thread tension, we mean the amount of thread that can pass through the machine to create the stitch. The more thread in the stitch, then the looser the stitch. The less thread, then the tighter the stitch. Top thread tension is controlled by a dial on the machine’s thread path.