What is normal goat serum?

Normal Sera are non-immune serum samples from goat, human, mouse, rabbit and other species that contain the usual complement of serum proteins, including the various classes of immunoglobulins that exist in healthy animals of the particular species.

How do you rehydrate normal goat serum?

Rehydrate with 11.0 ml of deionized water. (Product has been overfilled to ensure complete recovery.) Swirl gently and let stand for up to 2 hours at 18-25 °C. Centrifuge reconstituted serum to remove any precipitates.

Why do we use goat serum for blocking?

The goat serum blocks the binding of Fc receptors in the sample to the primary and secondary antibodies used in the experiment, and also blocks non-specific binding of the antibodies to the sample.

How long does goat serum last in fridge?

The 20 ml provided therefore is all goat serum. For most IHC and IF tissue staining applications, an aliquot is taken and diluted in assay buffer such as PBS or TBS to 2-10% (v/v). This working solution can be stored in the fridge and used for up to one week.

What is blocking solution immunohistochemistry?

What is blocking in Immunohistochemistry? Blocking is essential for preventing non-specific binding of antibodies or other reagents to the tissue. Even if the antibody has high specificity towards the target, intermolecular forces can promote non-specific binding to other molecules.

Can you use goat serum with goat antibody?

Selection of the type of normal serum is important to prevent interactions with the primary or secondary antibodies, or with the tissues/cells being stained. For example, goat serum would not be advised as a blocking reagent for use with a goat-derived primary antibody.

Can you freeze serum?

Multiple thaw/freeze cycles should be avoided as they will hasten the degradation of serum nutrients and can induce the formation of insoluble precipitates. For this reason, serum should never be stored in “frost-free” freezers.

How long is frozen serum good for?

If assays are not completed within 7 days, or the sample is to be stored beyond 7 days, samples should be frozen at -15°C to -20°C. Frozen samples are stable for 3 months and should be thawed only once. Analyte deterioration may occur in samples that are repeatedly frozen and thawed.

What does normal donkey serum do?

General notes. Normal donkey serum ab7475 is used extensively for the blocking of non-specific antibody binding in tissue and cell staining, and in other applications of antibodies.