What is normal ponderal index?

Ponderal index normal range Value considered normal or typical for adults’ ponderal index is 12 and 2.4 (24) for a newborn child or infant. Also, the ponderal index normal ranges are defined as: 11 – 15 for adults – values derived from BMI for the reference height of 170 cm; sometimes 11 – 14 range is used.

Is ponderal index more accurate than BMI?

We then plotted the body proportionality measures versus length to visualize apparent discrepancies in the appropriate measure. Results: The overall correlations showed weight/length3 (ponderal index) was the best measure but stratification by GA indicated that BMI (weight/length2) was the best measure.

Is ponderal index accurate?

Tri-ponderal mass index estimates body fat percentage more accurately than BMI in non-Hispanic white adolescents aged 8 to 17 years. In addition, TMI is more accurate than BMI z scores at classifying overweight status and is as accurate as up-to-date BMI percentiles.

What is the significance of ponderal index?

Rohrer’s Ponderal Index (PI) is an indication of a person’s weight relative to their height, and is used as a proxy measure of adiposity, similar to the Body Mass Index (BMI). PI is calculated as weight (kg) divided by cubed height (m3) (du V. Florey, 1970).

What is high ponderal index?

Ponderal index (PI) is a weight-height related parameter that is mainly used to assess the pattern of fetal growth in small-for-gestational age infants. We aimed to use PI for large-for-gestational age (LGA) infants who were born to diabetic or non-diabetic mothers, in order to predict the fetal growth pattern.

What is low ponderal index?

Low ponderal index or disproportionate Intra uterine growth retardation (IUGR) has higher neonatal morbidity than their proportionate counterparts. Objectives To determine the ponderal index of the low birth weight babies and to classify them accordingly.

What measure is the ponderal index similar to?

Offers an indication of a person’s weight relative to their height, as measure of body adiposity, similar to BMI.

Can score for IUGR?

CAN score gave a high specificity (85.6%) but a low sensitivity value (65.9%) with MAC/HC ratio. The study re-emphasizes the observa- tions of Metcoff that SGA and IUGR are not synonymous with fetal malnutrition and it is a clinical diagnosis, independent of birth weight for gestational age, and ethnic groups.

How do you calculate Broca index?

Broca Index Calculator

  1. Broca Index Normal Weight = Body Height – 100.
  2. Ideal Weight (Men) = (Height – 100) – (Height – 100) x 10%
  3. Ideal Weight (Women) = (Height – 100) + (Height – 100) x 15%

What do you mean by Broca’s index?

The Broca Index is an estimation of ideal body weight using a height measurement only. The Broca Index was developed by Paul Broca, a French surgeon who lived between 1824 and 1880. The Broca index is only a rough estimate and applies to the range of middle body sizes best.