What is observation in military?

An army of observation is a military body whose purpose is to monitor a given area or enemy body in preparation for possible hostilities.

What an observation post should have?

Observation posts should be garrisoned with at least two personnel (more, for defense and observer rotation, if the post is to be retained for longer durations), and should be provided a means of communication with their chain of command, preferably by phone instead of by radio.

What is the purpose of a TOC Army?

The Tactical Operations Center (TOC) program provides the commander and staff with a center where information is captured, analyzed, and interfused; where courses of action become orders.

What are the 6 TOC functions?

There are six basic TOC functions:

  • Receive information.
  • Distribute information.
  • Analyze information.
  • Submit recommendations to the commander.
  • Integrate resources.
  • Synchronize resources.

Where can I find observation post?

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What is CP in military?

In combat, a unit’s or subunit’s headquarters is often divided into echelons; the echelon in which the unit or subunit commander is located or from which such commander operates is called a command post. Also called CP. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

What is the difference between TOC and TAC?

The TAC would concentrate on the current battle, performing critical operations, FD, and intelligence tasks, while the TOC performed non-critical current tasks and planning and coordination functions.

What is TAC in the Army?

Training, Advising, and Counseling (TAC) Officers are responsible for training, mentoring, and coaching Warrant Officer Candidates for 17 branches and 67 warrant officer specialties in warrior tasks, leadership skills, and officer attributes for the Army’s premier Warrant Officer producing school.

What are the 4 elements of command?

The elements of command are authority, responsibility, decision making, and leadership.

What is post observation?

Post-observation conference means a meeting, either in-person or remotely, between the supervisor who conducted the observation and the Principal, Vice Principal, and Assistant Principal for the purpose of evaluation to discuss the data collected in the observation.

What is a forward observation post?

: an observer operating with front-line troops who is trained and equipped to adjust supporting artillery fire.