What is over speed governor?

The overspeed governor is the heart of any lift system. It is the safety device that is activated if the speed of the lift is exceeded, ensuring the safety of people inside.

What is the function of governor in elevator?

These are the safety devices to prevent the car from falling should the elevator exceed its rated speed or should the rope break for some reason. Even should the rope break and the car falls at a certain speed, the governor begins operating and a connected rope is tensioned.

How does an overspeed trip work?

Overspeed Trip The main function of an over speed trip is to cut the fuel supply to the cylinders in case the engine speed rises above the pre-set level. Generally fitted on steam turbo alternators or generators, over speed trip prevents the engine from getting damaged because of extremely high speeds.

What is OSG in elevator?

An overspeed governor is an elevator device which acts as a stopping mechanism in case the elevator runs beyond its rated speed. This device must be installed in traction elevators and roped hydraulic elevators.

Why do elevators have counterweights?

In lifts, counterweights are particularly important, as they help to lower the amount of energy required to lift or lower the lift car. The counterweight has a suggested weight that is equal to the weight of the lift car when it is at half its maximum capacity.

Where is the elevator lift speed governor generally located?

A speed governor is mounted on an elevator car and includes a running wheel driven by the guide rail and rotatably mounted on a U-shaped frame. The frame is attached to the car and biased to engage the wheel with the guide rail.

Which is the main function of the car overspeed governor?

What is the main function of the car overspeed governor? Grips the rope which mechanically trips the car safeties.

How do you test overspeed trip of main engine?

It can be tested by increasing the engine speed by speed adjuster at no load condition. Over speed trip will cut-out the fuel supply at 115% of normal speed.

How do you test an overspeed trip?

What is speed governor in elevator?

The Elevator Speed Governor is a device specifically designed to stop the lift if it runs beyond the prescribed speed. The speed of a moving elevator is constantly monitored by a the governor through the rope attached to it.

Is the overspeed governor a safety component?

It is a key component in the safety cascade for engaging the safety catch. The safety catch is only engaged when the overspeed generator reliably actuates. The overspeed governor is considered a safety component, and is therefore subject to a testing process that complies with the requirements EN81-20/50:2014.

Can a governor overspeed switch be in a hoistway?

With the governor in the hoistway, the task of accessing and resetting a governor overspeed switch is time-consuming, complicated, and costly. Although a solution may be to provide a special door or hatch to access a governor in a hoistway, such a solution adds cost and space requirements.

What is a bi-directional overspeed governor?

A bi-directional overspeed governor installed on a Kone MonoSpace elevator. An overspeed governor is an elevator device which acts as a stopping mechanism in case the elevator runs beyond its rated speed.

Are your overspeed governors en81-20/50 certified?

All our overspeed governors are type-certified according to the most recent worldwide standard EN81-20/50:2014. The fall protection in 12V, 24V or 230V along with switch or just the switch itself can be ordered as spare part.