What is P phenylenediamine sulfate?

Abstract: Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is the commonest and most well-known component of hair dyes. Oxidative hair dyes and dark henna temporary tattoos contain PPD. Individuals may be sensitized to PPD by temporary henna tattooing in addition to dyeing their hair.

Is P phenylenediamine a liquid or solid at room temperature?

p-Phenylenediamine is a solid at room temperature.

Is PPD in hair dye harmful?

PPD containing hair dyes have been associated with cancer and mutagenicity. Apart from that, PPD has potential toxicity which includes acute toxicity such as allergic contact dermatitis and subacute toxicity.

Is Para phenylenediamine harmful?

p-Phenylenediamine is primarily used as a dye intermediate and as a dye. Acute (short-term) exposure to high levels of p-phenylenediamine may cause severe dermatitis, eye irritation and tearing, asthma, gastritis, renal failure, vertigo, tremors, convulsions, and coma in humans.

Is PPD toxic?

PPD produces local as well as systemic toxic effects when applied topically and/or ingested. It is highly toxic when taken by mouth and the outcome depends mainly on the dose taken.

Is paraphenylenediamine good for hair?

People with confirmed allergy to PPD should avoid the use of all oxidation type hair dyes, and they should tell their hairdresser of their allergy. Metallic hair dyes and vegetable rinse hair dyes may be used but these do not provide permanent hair colour.

Is paraphenylenediamine harmful for hair?

Is p-phenylenediamine toxic?

Organ system toxicity: When ingested, p-phenylenediamine is highly toxic. Often referred to as hair dye poisoning, p-phenylenediamine can cause respiratory distress and renal failure. It causes swelling in the upper respiratory tract and larynx which causes respiratory distress.

Is PPD a paraben?

PPD is a harmful chemical compound called p-phenylenediamine or Para-phenylenediamine and is popular in the formulation of various inks and dye products. It is an oxidative pigment used in the manufacturing of hair dyes to make dark colors, typically, such as black and dark brown.

Is paraphenylenediamine harmful?