What is Perhentian Islands famous for?

The Perhentian Islands (or Pulau Perhentian) are located off the east coast of the northern part of Malaysia. They are known for their beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, jungle trekking and fabulous underwater marine life.

How do I get from Kuala Lumpur to Perhentian Islands?

The only way to get to the Perhentian Islands is via a speedboat from Kuala Besut jetty. If you download the Grab app (Asia’s Uber equivalent), then it’s easy to book a taxi to the jetty upon arrival at the airport.

How do you get around Perhentian Island?

Getting around the Perhentian Islands can be tricky when they don’t have any roads. You either have to walk or take a water taxi. Culture Trip uncovers how to flag a boat and which trails to follow from one beach to the next.

What you can do at island?

60 Fun Things To Do On Island

  • Charter a yacht and sail to other islands.
  • Collect unique seashells from the island’s 37 wonderful beaches.
  • Go deep sea fishing for a Marlin and challenge yourself.
  • Go for a horseback ride on the beach.
  • Go for a mountain bike ride on the trails.
  • Go for a swim, often.

Where is Perhentian island located?

northeastern Malaysia
The Perhentian Islands are a small group of beautiful, coral-fringed islands off the coast of northeastern Malaysia in the state of Terengganu, not far from the Thai border.

How many hours drive from KL to Perhentian?

Driving From Kuala Lumpur KL to Pulau Perhentian by car via Kuala Besut takes about six hours plus the ferry travel time. If you do decide to drive from KL to Kuala Besut jetty, there is safe parking close to the jetty for RM10/day.

How do you get to Perhentian by flight?

Flights To Perhentian Islands There is no flight to Pulau Perhentian directly as there isn’t a Perhentian Island airport. The next best thing to a flight to Perhentian though is a flight to Kota Bharu (the nearest airport to Perhentian Islands) or Kuala Terengganu.