What is Point Pleasant West Virginia famous for?

Point Pleasant was widely noted for the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge, which killed 46 people. On October 10, 1974, Point Pleasant celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Is Point Pleasant WV poor?

Poverty by Age and Sex 22.4% of the population for whom poverty status is determined in Point Pleasant, WV (916 out of 4.08k people) live below the poverty line, a number that is higher than the national average of 12.3%.

Who named Point Pleasant West Virginia?

Point Pleasant was named in 1770 when George Washington commented that the meeting place of the two rivers was a “pleasant point.” Around that same time, early settlers adopted the Iroquois names for the rivers, Kanawha meaning “transport way” and Ohio meaning “good river” or “beautiful river.” Letart and Letart Falls …

Who founded Point Pleasant West Virginia?

Forts Blair and Randolph occupied the site from 1774; by 1781 settlers were established, and in 1794 the General Assembly of Virginia chartered the town as Point Pleasant. In 1796, Walter Newman erected a hewn-log house, which still stands.

Was there a bridge collapse in West Virginia?

December 15, 1967, was one of the darkest days in West Virginia history. Sadly, it was only the first of many tragic days that West Virginians would suffer. The Silver Bridge, which connected Point Pleasant with Gallipolis, Ohio, had opened to traffic in 1928.

Was Point Pleasant the first battle of the Revolutionary War?

In 1899 Livia Nye Simpson Poffenbarger began a crusade in the State Gazette to have Point Pleasant officially designated the “first battle of the American Revolution,” despite most historical interpretations which pointed to the skirmishes at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, on April 19, 1775.

What county is Point Pleasant WV?

Mason CountyPoint Pleasant / County

When was Point Pleasant built?

Point Pleasant, city, seat (1804) of Mason county, western West Virginia, U.S., on the Ohio River at the mouth of the Kanawha River, about 36 miles (58 km) northeast of Huntington. The settlement developed around Fort Blair, built in 1774, and was chartered in 1794.

How many people died in the bridge collapse in Point Pleasant?

46 people
Point Pleasant River MuseumOf the 46 people who died, two were never found. At about 5 p.m. on December 15, 1967, a pregnant woman named Charlene Wood was driving home from work when she went over the Silver Bridge. But then, she noticed a vibration beneath her and reversed her car.

What is the only French and Indian fort still standing in WV?

Fort Pleasant — formerly known as Fort Van Meter and Town Fort and still also known as the Isaac Van Meter House — is a historic site located near the unincorporated community of Old Fields about 5 miles north of Moorefield in Hardy County, West Virginia, U.S. Situated on the South Branch Potomac River, a young Colonel …

What happened at the Battle of Point Pleasant?

history of American Revolution On October 10, 1774, the Battle of Point Pleasant was fought. At the confluence of the two rivers, General Andrew Lewis and a band of Virginia frontiersmen defeated the allied Shawnee, Delaware, Mingo, Ottawa, and others under Shawnee leader Chief Cornstalk.