What is SAP in production planning?

SAP Production Planning (SAP PP) is the component of ERP Central Component (ECC) that helps businesses plan the manufacturing, sale and distribution of goods.

What is SAP PP PI module?

SAP PP-PI sub module is an application component stands for Production Planning for Process Industries – PP. It is coming under the PP module (Production Planning). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

What are the three basic production planning strategies?

The three basic production strategies for addressing the aggregate planning problem are the capacity production strategy, the level production strategy, and the chase production strategy.

How many types of MRP are there in SAP?

While there are three MRP types used by many companies, there are, in fact, four different types of facilities in the supply network.

What are the steps of MRP?

The MRP process can be broken down into four major steps:

  • Identifying requirements to meet demand.
  • Checking inventory and allocating resources.
  • Scheduling production.
  • Identifying issues and making recommendations.

Is SAP still in demand 2022?

As SAP is stating that it will end by 2022 — probably it is very ambitious and in fact I think by this time most enterprises would have started the migration and are in the middle of their journey,” Infosys chief operating officer Pravin Rao said on an analyst call last week.

What is PI sheet in SAP?

The PI sheet is used to inform the process operator about the individual production steps that need to be performed. He or she can interactively maintain the SAP PI sheet according to the phase sequence. Apart from control information, the PI sheet can contain input fields and pushbuttons.

What is BOM in SAP PP?

SAP bill of materials (BOM) is one of the elements of SAP PP master data which contains information like list of components and their quantities required to produce an assembly or a finished good (FG).

What is master data in sap production planning?

So, I hope this post can help those who are just started to jump in the Production and Planning world of SAP. In general, master data in Production Planning consists of: Material Master contains information on the material that is manufactured/produced, procured, or sold by the company.

How do I change the master data in SAP?

Changes to master data are strictly controlled by authorizations and automatically under a Change Management. For specific production order, change of master data if any is controlled by the function Read Master Data. One can elect to read a different BOM, a different routing or both if production order is not still processed further ahead.

What are the key components of sap production planning?

Within SAP production planning modules there are five key master data elements to be maintained: Material Master, BOM, Work Center, Routing, and Production Version. The Material Master is the central repository of information related to several functional areas (Sales, Accounting, Purchasing, MRP, etc.) for each material.

How to create routing master data in SAP?

For Routing Master data, use T-Code: CA01 or go to Logistics → Production → Master Data → Routings → Routing → Standard Routing → Create Click the tick mark.