What is ScriptRunner for Confluence?

Part of the ScriptRunner family, ScriptRunner for Confluence allows you to: Make your content management a breeze: Find content more efficiently with improved label management. Structure work more quickly by copying sets of pages.

How do I automate confluence?

Automating the creation of a Confluence page linked to a Jira ticket

  1. Go to Project Settings -> Automation and create a new rule.
  2. Choose your trigger.
  3. Add any conditions you’d like to have; in this case I’m having the rule run only when tasks are created.
  4. Add your action, which will be Send Web Request.

How do I access ScriptRunner?

To access Script Console, navigate to ScriptRunner, and select Script Console from the left-hand menu (or ScriptRunner Tab).

What is Jira ScriptRunner?

ScriptRunner for JIRA provides administrators with an in-line editor where you can write groovy scripts. It also allows admins and power users to quickly extend JIRA functionality to support your business processes in your workflows, without the hassle of writing a fully-fledged Add-on.

Can I code in Confluence?

You can configure the Code Block macro to use a specific language and theme by default and also upload new languages. You need Confluence Administrator permissions to change the default theme and language and System Administrator permissions to upload new languages.

Can you create a Confluence page from Jira?

Create a Confluence Page from Jira Elements Publish to Confluence lets you design templates to publish issue data to Confluence as part of your team processes. Each recipe allows you to design a different page, specify where it will be created in Confluence, and from which Jira issues it can be used.

How do I enable ScriptRunner in Jira?

Navigate to the ScriptRunner Browse page by selecting Add-ons from the Jira administrators menu, then Browse ScriptRunner from the left menu. Toggle Script Edit Permissions on.

How do I add a script to Jira?

Adding an existing script to the project workflow

  1. From Jira home, go to Settings > Projects.
  2. Click the necessary project and click Settings.
  3. Click Workflows and then Edit in the Actions column.
  4. Display the workflow as Text.
  5. Click the Post Functions tab and click the Add post function link.

Is ScriptRunner free?

ScriptRunner Pricing Overview ScriptRunner pricing starts at $38.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. ScriptRunner offers a free trial.

How much is ScriptRunner for Jira cloud?


Users Monthly price per user
11-100 USD 2.50
101-250 USD 1.50
251-1000 USD 0.50

How do I write HTML code in Confluence?

To add the HTML macro to a page:

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Choose HTML from the Development category.
  3. Choose Insert.
  4. Paste the HTML embed code from the website you want to display into the body of the macro.

How do I insert a code into confluence?

Add the Code Block macro to your page

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Choose Code Block from the Formatting category.
  3. Choose a language for syntax highlighting.
  4. Use the parameters below to customise how the code block should appear on your page.
  5. Choose Insert.