What is servant leadership Slideshare?

• Taking responsibility for the actions and performance of your team, and being accountable for the role team members play in your organization. • Lead by example by demonstrating the values and behaviours that you want to see in others. Qualities of a Servant Leader.

What is servant leadership theory?

Servant leadership is a leadership style and philosophy whereby an individual interacts with others—either in a management or fellow employee capacity—to achieve authority rather than power. The system embodies a decentralized organizational structure.

Who introduced servant leadership?

Robert K. Greenleaf
Robert K. Greenleaf coined the term servant-leadership in his seminal 1970 essay, “The Servant as Leader.” The servant-leader concept has had a deep and lasting influence over the past three decades on many modern leadership ideas and practices.

How do you train servant leadership?

In order to be a good servant leader, you need to develop and practice a few skills, according to Regen University:

  1. Be a good listener.
  2. Practice empathy.
  3. Embrace concepts of healing.
  4. Be aware.
  5. Be persuasive.
  6. Be able to conceptualize.
  7. Be a good steward.
  8. Commit to building up people.

What is the importance of servant leadership?

Servant leadership is important because it creates a nurturing environment where workers feel like they are head, appreciated and respected. It can help businesses build stronger work cultures with high employee morale and engagement.

Who is an example of servant leadership?

Abraham Lincoln is one example of a servant leader. Lincoln’s actions during the US Civil War are often cited as prime examples of servant leadership behavior (Hubbard, 2011). In particular, many scholars look to his preservation of the Union during this conflict and the freeing of the Southern slaves.

What are examples of servant leadership?

Servant Leadership Examples Herb Kelleher – Former CEO of Southwest Airlines known for putting employees first. Cheryl Bachelder – Former CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen who turned the brand around by serving the people who had invested the most in Popeyes.

What is a servant leader PDF?

Servant leaders live with a set of characteristics that make them radically different from all other types of leaders. Such characteristics include, Agapao love, humility, altruism, Vision, Trust, Empowerment and service.

What are the benefits of servant leadership?

7 benefits of servant leadership

  • Better collaboration, stronger teams.
  • Positive work environment.
  • Employee commitment, trust, and loyalty.
  • Greater organizational agility.
  • Supports a culture of belonging.
  • Accelerated learning and development.
  • Fosters leadership everywhere.