What is SI-DRIVE on Subaru Outback?

Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) is an advanced engine management system with driver-selectable modes tailored to suit different conditions and different moods. SI-DRIVE is the perfect solution for those who crave both sporty response and economic fuel consumption, taking vehicle performance to an all-new level.

What is S and I mode on Subaru?

Custom-tailored performance All Subaru Forester models from 2019 onwards feature with one of two different versions of the SI-DRIVEĀ®, each with two different modes. The Forester Sport benefits from having Intelligent (I) and Sport Sharp (#) modes; all other trim levels utilize Intelligent (I) and Sport (S) modes.

What is the difference between S drive and I drive in Subaru?

With Subaru SI-Drive (Subaru Intelligent Drive), drivers can choose between intelligent mode, sport mode and sport-sharp mode whenever they’re in their vehicle. In intelligent mode, drivers will have a much gentler ride and the most control out of the three.

What is the default mode for Subaru Intelligent Drive SI-DRIVE?

If you have an SI-Drive driving mode selector, it usually won’t be engaged until you choose a mode. That means the Subaru will stay in a default mode that equalizes power and fuel economy. If you push the knob, you’ll engage the [I] Intelligent mode.

How do you use sport mode on a Subaru?

To activate Sport Mode in your Subaru car, push the knob to [S] Sport. The biggest difference between sport and intelligent mode is that the throttle will respond more swiftly when in Sport Mode.

Does SI-DRIVE change boost?

The tune itself isn’t different and there is no difference is target boost settings (again, only going by what I’ve researched).

Does Subaru Outback have Sport mode?

When you want powerful engine performance, select Sport Sharp Mode for quick acceleration and sharp response. Use the paddle shifters and take even more control. To enjoy sporty driving, this mode unleashes the engine’s maximum potential.

What is Subaru sport mode?

Sport (S) Mode In this mode, the throttle opens more quickly compared to Intelligent Mode, resulting in a more direct response to driver input. The system also enables smooth shifts, even acceleration at any speed, solid passing power and a confident driving experience overall.