What is Swarovski BRH reticle?

Swarovski Ballistic Reticle Rifle Scopes are designed primarily for long range shooting and takes the guesswork out of how high to hold over a game animal or target by utilizing the marker bars or dots below the main horizontal crosshair.

Are Swarovski scopes mil or MOA?

Swarovski X5i 3.5-18×50 P 1/4 MOA Rifle Scope

Magnification Range 3.5-18x
Windage Clicks N/A
Turret Types N/A
Adjustment Graduation (MOA or MIL) MOA
Length of Tube 14.4 in

What does bt mean in Swarovski scope?

Ballistic Turret
The Ballistic Turret (BT) series of riflescopes from Swarovski Optik is one such major advancement. The Ballistic Turret gives the hunter the means to set a zero distance plus 3 more easy to set, see and use down range distance settings of your choosing – 4 clearly marked settings.

What is the difference between Z3 and Z5 Swarovski?

Of course the Z5 offers a 5x magnification range, while the Z3 offers a 3x range (thus the model names). Optically, both utilize the same optical technologies when it comes to raw glass, coatings, etc. This does not mean they perform the same, however, as each scope model has its own optical design.

What is a plex reticle?

What is a Plex Reticle? The Plex reticle is a Burris design on the lower vertical crosshair that compensates for bullet drop. The Plex reticle is set to provide dead on aiming from 100 yards to 500 yards for many of the most common hunting cartridges.

What focal plane is the Swarovski z5?

This Z3 riflescope is configured with a 4W reticle in the second focal plane and a ballistic turret….Swarovski Z5 Specs.

Filter Thread M46 x 0.75
Impact Point Correction 1/4 MOA per Click
Windage Adjustment 36 MOA
Elevation Adjustment 58 MOA
Parallax Correction Yes, 54.6 yd / 50 m to Infinity

Can you add a ballistic turret to a Swarovski scope?

Product description. The ballistic turret flex (BTF) can be used as a top or side turret and can be combined with all the available reticles.

How does the Swarovski Ballistic Turret work?

Once set up, you simply turn the turret a few clicks up to the appropriate downrange distance desired so you can hold the crosshair precisely where you want the bullet to hit. To get back to your zero setting, simply turn the turret back where it will automatically stop at your pre-set zero setting.

Where are Swarovski Z3 scopes made?

The following riflescopes are currently sold by Swarovski Optik. All of the following riflescopes come with a promising 10-year warranty period. Except for the Z3 and Z5 series, the assembly of which takes place in the US, all the series are made in Austria.

Are Swarovski rifle scopes good?

The Z5(i) is an excellent choice for an all-around hunting scope, especially for those who needs to mount one on a hard-kicking rifle. I tested the 3.5-18×44, but there are 2.4-12×50 and 5-25×52 models available. The capped windage turret prevents unintended adjustments.