What is the BDV of transformer oil?

A typical value of BDV Test result for 220 / 6.6 kV Transformer oil is 65 kV and moisture content should be less than 10 ppm. BDV is an important and popular test of transformer oil, as it is the primary indicator of the health of oil and it can be easily carried out at the site.

What is the BDV breakdown voltage of a 33KV transformer?

Hai, BDV of a transformer oil used in 33KV/11kv the minimum value is 30Kv/mm,but as per my practical observations on different types of transformers oils ,before filtration and after filtration of oil the BDV is like this.

What is BDV?

BDV test means Breakdown Voltage Test. It is done for checking the dielectric strength of the oil of the Transformer. Dielectric strength means the maximum capacity to withstand voltage of insulating oil. This test shows the dielectric strength of Transformer oil.

What is the full form of BDV?


Acronym Definition
BDV Basic Distance Verification
BDV Budget Day Value
BDV Binary Decision Variable
BDV Banque de Vizille (French bank)

What is BDV kit?

Oil Breakdown Voltage Kit : OTS Digital Series OTS is a fully automatic transformer oil BDV test kit designed with advanced technologies to measure the dielectric strength of transformer oil. Our transformer oil dielectric strength tester is available at reasonable price with option to choose from 60/80/100kV range.

What is a breaker bushing?

In electric power, a bushing is a hollow electrical insulator that allows an electrical conductor to pass safely through a conducting barrier such as the case of a transformer or circuit breaker without making electrical contact with it.

What is the dielectric strength of transformer oil?

The dielectric strength of transformer oil is expected to be 33 kV.