What is the best town to live in in Connecticut?

The 17 Nicest Places to Live in Connecticut In 2022

  • 1) Simsbury. One of the best places to live in Connecticut is Simsbury.
  • 2) New Canaan. When it comes to the best towns in Connecticut, New Canaan comes in at number two on our list.
  • 3) Westport.
  • 4) Weatogue.
  • 5) Southport.
  • 6) Avon.
  • 7) West Hartford.
  • 8) Old Greenwich.

What is the cheapest town to live in Connecticut?

Most Affordable Places to Live in Connecticut

  • Bristol.
  • Groton.
  • Hartford.
  • Meriden.
  • Middletown.
  • New Britain.
  • Torrington.
  • Waterbury.

What is the best county in Connecticut to live in?

Explore the best counties to live in the U.S. based on public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities….

  • Fairfield County. County in Connecticut.
  • Hartford County.
  • Middlesex County.
  • Salisbury School.
  • Tolland County.
  • New London County.
  • New Haven County.
  • Litchfield County.

Where should I move in CT?

The 6 Best Places to Live in Connecticut

  1. WEST HARTFORD, CT. Ranked the best place to live in Connecticut three years in a row, West Hartford attracts a diverse group—everyone from young professionals and families to retirees wants to put down roots here.

What is the safest place to live in Connecticut?

Here are the 10 Safest Cities in Connecticut for 2022

  • Newtown.
  • Ridgefield.
  • Simsbury.
  • Cheshire.
  • Wallingford.
  • Greenwich.
  • Westport.
  • New Milford.

Which town in Connecticut has the most crime?

#1 HARTFORD As the most dangerous city in Connecticut, its crime rate is far above the national average.

Is it worth moving to Connecticut?

As per the government, Connecticut is well above the U.S. average in terms of income, education, and health. So, for improving the quality of life, it is an excellent choice to move to Connecticut.

What’s the richest city in Connecticut?

Newtown Borough is being credited as the richest town in the state of Connecticut. Stacker.com compiled a list of the richest towns in all 50 U.S. states, which lists Newtown Borough as having a median household income of $140,625 (104.7% more than the U.S. median income).

What is the safest county in CT?

New Haven County’s Orange is Connecticut’s safest community. The affluent town of nearly 14,000 logged a scant 7 violent crimes in 2017 and has an excellent ratio of 4 law enforcement officers per 1,000 working to keep residents safe.

What are the best cities to live in Connecticut?

Bridgeport,CT. Bridgeport is a historic port city and the largest city in the US state of Connecticut.

  • New Haven. New Haven is a coastal city in the state of Connecticut in the United States.
  • Stamford. Stamford is a city in the US state of Connecticut.
  • Hartford. Hartford is the capital of the state of Connecticut in the United States.
  • Waterbury.
  • What are the safest places to live in Connecticut?

    Weston. While nearly 20% of Weston’s workforce commutes to New York each day,residents can rest easy knowing that their hometown is much,much safer than their work city.

  • Madison. Source: Wikipedia User Versageek|CC BY-SA 3.0 The last of the three places with no violent crimes in the last report year is Madison.
  • Ridgefield.
  • Newtown.
  • Easton.
  • Granby.
  • What are the safest cities in CT?


  • Bethel,CT
  • Old Greenwich,CT
  • Cos Cob,CT
  • Riverside,CT
  • Greenwich,CT. I live in Greenwich,Connecticut and hope that this place can be my forever home.
  • Westport,CT
  • Portland,CT
  • New Milford,CT
  • Shelton,CT. All in all,Shelton,CT,isn’t that bad of a place to live.
  • What is the most expensive town in CT?

    California. You’ll need big bucks to buy a home in this exclusive small town in Santa Clara County.

  • Colorado. The housing market in Cherry Hills Village is anything but typical compared with other towns in Colorado.
  • Connecticut.
  • Delaware.