What is the best weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies?

Thundergun. One of the most powerful weapons makes a return to Black Ops 3 Chronicles zombies. The thundergun! The weapon can only be obtained randomly by using the mystery box.

Are there any cheats for black ops 3 zombies?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Cheat Codes MANIFEST – This unlocks 100 Fabrication Kits in the Single Player Mode. You can only use this once and it is permanent. It will not prevent using achievements. DREAMLAND – This unlocks Nightmare Mode — A single player zombies mode that takes place in the campaign.

How do you get the sword in bo3 zombies?

  1. Find the Symbols. The first step is to find the three symbols needed to unlock the entrance to the egg.
  2. Get the Egg. After finding all three symbols, you will need to go to the subway station.
  3. Charge the Egg. In order to charge the egg, you will first need to locate all four statues.
  4. Retrieve the Sword.

How do I get MAR Astagua?

How to craft the Mar-Astagua. The Wonder Weapon is a craftable weapon which requires 3 parts: Margwa Tentacle – collect this by killing the huge Margwa boss that appears after round 5. [Unknown part] – after round 10 the spinning balls will appear, kill one for a chance to drop the second part.

Is the weevil good in zombies?

In Hardcore game modes, the Weevil’s power is good, having a decent one-shot kill range as well as good hipfire and easy to control recoil, making target acquisition and follow-up shots at longer ranges easy. The Weevil’s rate of fire is low for an SMG. The Weevil will fire at 722 RPM.

How do I get the Apothicon egg?

To find one, the player must enter beast mode and smash the crates containing the statue. The player must then kill 10-12 zombies, whose souls will flow into the egg.

How do you make a Margwa gun?

The Margwa Tentacle, on the other hand, is acquired as random loot from green plant salvaged using the Fumigator. Finally, the Xenomatter is also acquired as random loot from dead Parasites. In order to build this Wonder Weapon, you need to find three fuses and three shields scattered in three districts of the city.

How do I get Margwa tentacle?

One item is the Margwa Tentacle. This can be obtained from purple pods around the map. Pods start out green, then turn red, then turn purple as long as you don’t harvest them. Harvesting a pod can only be done after picking up a fumigator around Easy Street or Junction.