What is the biggest deer ever recorded in the Boone and Crockett Club?

At the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the Boone and Crockett Club Judges’ Panel declared Hanson’s buck the new world’s record typical whitetail with a final score of 213-5/8 points.

How big does a deer have to be to be a Boone and Crockett?

The Boone and Crockett Club defines a point on a whitetail or Coues’ deer as “any projection at least one inch long and longer than it is wide at one inch or more of length.” Since most whitetails are hunted in or near heavy cover where there may only be seconds to assess their antlers, we need a quick way to count …

How big does a deer have to be to be a booner?

To qualify as a “Booner” a typical whitetail buck must have antlers that score at least 170 after deductions, known as the “net” score.

What is the world record whitetail deer weight?

Heaviest Whitetail Field-dressed, the deer weighed 402 pounds. The state Conservation Department calculated its live weight to be 511 pounds. No heavier whitetail deer has ever been recorded.

How rare is a Boone and Crockett deer?

Approximately 1 in 20,000. There are roughly 10 million deer hunters who now enter about 500 whitetails a year in Boone and Crockett records.

What is the biggest whitetail deer ever shot?

#1 Heaviest Buck Ever Shot: The Annett Buck, 1977. From what we can gather, the heaviest whitetail ever shot was killed by a bow-hunter, John Annett of Ontario, in 1977. The deer field dressed 431 pounds on government-certified scales. That would have given it an estimated live weight of more than 540 pounds.

What state produces the most Boone and Crockett bucks?

Boone and Crockett’s Top Whitetail States

  • #1 – Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the #1 ranked state with 1,822 total entries and six counties in the top 20 U.S. counties with the most records produced.
  • #2 – Illinois.
  • #3 – Iowa.
  • #4 – Minnesota.
  • #5 – Ohio.
  • #6 – Kentucky.
  • #7 – Missouri.
  • #8 – Kansas.

What are the world records for Boone and Crockett Club?

Below is the complete gallery of all of Boone and Crockett Club’s current World’s Records. Click to read the story about how each trophy became the Number One in its category. Black Bear. Grizzly Bear. Alaska Brown Bear. Polar Bear. Jaguar. Cougar. Atlantic Walrus.

What is the world’s record for whitetail deer?

Saskatchewan hunter Milo N. Hanson harvested the World’s Record typical whitetail deer in 1992, on his own land. Working long days as a grain and cattle farmer in Biggar, Saskatchewan, Milo N. Hanson doesn’t have the time or money to hunt all over the continent.

What is the latest book on whitetail deer?

Top State Stats from B&C’s newest book – Records of North American Whitetail Deer, Sixth Edition. When there’s almost 700 pages in a book, you know there has to be a lot of good information—and there’s no doubt that the Boone and Crockett Club’s sixth edition of “Records of North American Whitetail Deer” delivers on that promise.

How many whitetail deer listings are there?

More than 17,000 whitetail deer listings, which include: final B&C score, B&C gross core, key measurements, location, date, hunter, owner, state/provincial rank, All-time rank. Over 300 color field photographs. Portraits of all the current state/provincial whitetail deer, including 17 new records accepted since the last edition.