What is the blanket Hoodie called?

The Huggle is an As-Seen-On-TV dupe of a famous ‘Shark Tank’ product. As described on its website, the Huggle is an oversized hoodie made from “luxurious blanket fabric.” It has a hood, giant sleeves that cinch at the wrist, and a large pocket across the bodice.

How big is the blanket hoodie?

Our Blanket Hoodies are modeled by a 6XL Hoodie with a few unique differences. It fits pregnant women, 8 year old and even basketball players!

How big is the comfy?

Sizing: One Size for men, women and even kids! Top to bottom it’s 38” in the front, and 42.5” in the back. Recyclable Packaging: Every Comfy product comes in packaging that is 100% recyclable.

Are Oodies worth it?

They are super comfy and you have such a nice, soft and high-quality experience while wearing them.” Items like the Oodie and weighted blankets, which offer a simulacrum of touching, can appeal to those who feel deprived of physical contact in the pandemic.

When was the Oodie created?

The young entrepreneur launched the brand in 2018 while selling weighted blankets and furniture. When millions of people were stuck at home due to ongoing lockdowns, The Oodie skyrocketed.

How do you wash Comfys?

How do I wash The Comfy® products? Care-free & easily! Toss your items in the wash on cold (60°F – 80°F/15°C – 26.7°C) & tumble dry separately at a low temperature. They come out like new!

What is the difference between The Comfy and the comfy dream?

The comfy original is a Sherpa lined oversized hoodie (2 layers). The comfy dream is more of a lightweight microfiber one layer oversized hoodie. More like wearing a lightweight super soft blanket.

Can I put my comfy in the dryer?

Our fluffy, premium fabric is made to last, keeping its color and softness for you to stay Comfy all year round. Just pop it in the washing machine, spin it through the dryer, and snuggle back into fresh, fluffy goodness. Even better, you don’t have to wash it every week like a t-shirt.