What is the capital of Sylvania?


Republic of Slovenia Republika Slovenija (Slovene)
Capital and largest city Ljubljana 46°03′N 14°30′E
Official languages Slovene
Recognised regional languages Italian Hungarian
Ethnic groups (2002) 83.1% Slovenes 2.0% Serbs 1.8% Croats 1.6% Bosniaks 0.4% Romani 0.3% Hungarians 0.1% Italians 2.2% Others 8.9% Unspecified

What is the capital of Ljubljana?

Ljubljana, German Laibach, Italian Lubiana, capital city and economic, political, and cultural centre of Slovenia, located on the Ljubljanica River. The city lies in central Slovenia in a natural depression surrounded by high peaks of the Julian Alps.

Is Slovenia part of Russia?

Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia until that country broke apart. Never a part of the Soviet Union or Russia.

Do they speak English in Ljubljana?

Slovene is our mother language. Most Slovenes speak Serbian and Croatian or at least understand it very well. English is widely spoken and understood while many would also know some German or Italian.

Is Slovenia and Slovakia the same thing?

Slovakia arose from the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, while Slovenia came into being after Yugoslavia broke into seven separate states. Due to their almost identical names, many people tend to confuse Slovakia with Slovenia. However, the two nations have numerous cultural, historical, and geographical differences.

What was Slovenia before it was Slovenia?

The state of Slovenia was created in 1945 as part of federal Yugoslavia. Slovenia gained its independence from Yugoslavia in June 1991, and is today a member of the European Union and NATO.

Can you drink tap water in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, you can drink tap water, since it is pristine. The food available on the Slovenian market is produced without any genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). You can also get food produced in organic or ecological manner.In Slovenia, you can drink tap water, since it is pristine.