What is the CPT code for Reclast infusion?

The code 96365 is used to code for the 20-minute Reclast infusion. For the infusions to be considered as an initial hour, the infusion has to be at least 16 minutes long.

What is the CPT code for zoledronic acid infusion?

HCPCS code J3489 (Injection, zoledronic acid, 1 mg) should be used to report Zometa®). The number of units billed on a claim should be 4 since Zometa is given as a single 4 mg injection for the indications outlined in the LCD.

What is CPT code J3489?

HCPCS Code Details – J3489

HCPCS Level II Code Drugs administered other than oral method, chemotherapy drugs Search
HCPCS Code J3489
Description Long description: Injection, zoledronic acid, 1 mg Short description: Zoledronic acid 1mg
HCPCS Modifier1
HCPCS Pricing indicator 51 – Drugs

What is CPT code J3488?

J3488 – Injection, zoledronic acid (reclast), 1 mg.

What does CPT code 96374 mean?

Code CPT 96374 to report an IV push injection of a single or initial substance/drug.

What is a Reclast infusion?

Reclast (zoledronic acid) is an infusion medication used to treat Osteoporosis.

What is CPT code J1950?

HCPCS code J1950 for Injection, leuprolide acetate (for depot suspension), per 3.75 mg as maintained by CMS falls under Drugs, Administered by Injection .

What is CPT code J0897?

Group 1

Code Description

What is the difference between 96365 and 96413?

96413 – Chemotherapy administration, intravenous infusion technique; up to 1 hour, single or initial substance/drug. 96365-59 – Intravenous infusion, for therapy, prophylaxis, or diagnosis (specify substance or drug); initial, up to 1 hour.

Can 96365 and 96375 be billed together?

Add-on code +96375 Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug); each additional sequential intravenous push of a new substance/drug (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) may be reported with 96365, 96374, 96409, or 96413 to identify an IV push of a new drug when …

What is procedure code 96365?

CPT® Code 96365 – Therapeutic, Prophylactic, and Diagnostic Injections and Infusions (Excludes Chemotherapy and Other Highly Complex Drug or Highly Complex Biologic Agent Administration) – Codify by AAPC.