What is the decay constant of technetium 99?

Technetium-99 (99Tc) is an isotope of technetium which decays with a half-life of 211,000 years to stable ruthenium-99, emitting beta particles, but no gamma rays.

What are the units for decay rate?

The rate of decay is often referred to as the activity of the isotope and is often measured in Curies (Ci), one curie = 3.700 x 1010 atoms that decay/second.

What is decay constant and its unit?

Definition. The decay constant (symbol: λ and units: s−1 or a−1) of a radioactive nuclide is its probability of decay per unit time. The number of parent nuclides P therefore decreases with time t as dP/P dt = −λ. The energies involved in the binding of protons and neutrons by the nuclear forces are ca.

What is the decay product of technetium 99m?

Technetium-99m decays by a process called isomeric transition, a process in which 99mTc decays to 99Tc via the release of gamma rays and low energy electrons. Since there is no high energy beta emission the radiation dose to the patient is low.

What is the decay equation of technetium-99m?

Tc decays mainly by gamma emission, slightly less than 88% of the time. (99mTc → 99Tc + γ) About 98.6% of these gamma decays result in 140.5 keV gamma rays and the remaining 1.4% are to gammas of a slightly higher energy at 142.6 keV.

What is the M in technetium-99m?

The common isotope of technetium is Tc-98, but it is the metastable isotope of Tc-99 that is most sought after – Tc-99m. The ‘m’ in its name stands for metastable. That means it has an excited nucleus.

Are decay rates constant?

The rate of decay remains constant throughout the decay process. There are three ways to show the exponential nature of half-life. Equation 11 is a constant, meaning the half-life of radioactive decay is constant.

What is the SI unit of radioactive decay constant?

The SI unit of radioactivity is becquerel (Bq) and this term is named after Henri Becquerel. Unit of radioactivity is defined as: The activity of a quantity of radioactive material where one decay takes place per second.

What is decay constant value?

decay constant, proportionality between the size of a population of radioactive atoms and the rate at which the population decreases because of radioactive decay.

What does technetium decay into?

Technetium’s most stable isotope, technetium-98, has a half-life of about 4,200,000 years. It decays into ruthenium-98 through beta decay.

What is the decay equation for technetium-99m?