What is the default super password for Swann DVR?

To ensure your privacy, this DVR supports password protection. The default, all-access username is “admin”, the default password is “12345”. To ensure your on-going privacy, we strongly recommend setting a password as soon as possible.

What are my Swann connection credentials?

You can find the Device ID on the QR code sticker located on your Swann device, or • Tap the QR code icon and scan the QR code sticker located on your Swann device. After that, enter the device password which is the same password you use to log into your Swann device locally and tap Save.

How to reset the DVR password?

Use tweezers with the tip on the top of the battery holder and the other end on the bottom, close the contact for about 1 to 2 minutes to reset the DVR. The idea is to execute the procedure so the date goes back to 01/01/2000 so you try to enter the passwords according to the table you saw before

How to create a temporary password for a DVR/NVR?

1.Connecting your device to the monitor, and write down the current data and time displayed on monitor. 2.Double click “Superadmin.exe” executable file. 3.Select the date and time from calendar to match your DVR/NVR’s date and time. 4.Click “Do it” to generate a temporary password

Will a DVR master password generator work with my DVR?

Note: DVR master password generators will work only with specific DVR models. If your DVR runs on a chip manufactured by Hisilicon, then you can check the Hisilicon password generator to get a working password for your recorder.

What to do if my Dahua DVR password doesn’t go through?

After entering the DVR date, click on “Create PW” button and you will see the password created on the password window. Give it a try on your DVR. If the password didn’t go through, you can find more information in the article: How to reset Dahua DVR admin password.