What is the definition of aboveground?

1 : located or occurring on or above the surface of the ground. 2 : existing, produced, or published by or within the establishment aboveground movies. Other Words from aboveground More Example Sentences Learn More About aboveground.

Is it aboveground or above ground?

situated on or above the ground. not secret or hidden; in the open: the aboveground activities of the country’s left-wing faction.

Is aboveground one word or two words?

Senior Member. An aboveground swimming pool is above ground. An inground pool is not. That’s just about the only use of aboveground that I’m aware of, although Merriam-Webster says that some wits have used aboveground movies as the antonym of underground ones.

What’s another word for above ground?

What is another word for above ground?

high aerial
upraised projecting
uplifted upper
above upward
over roof

What is the meaning of below ground?

Definition of belowground : beneath the surface of the earth.

How do you use above ground in a sentence?

  1. At night, badgers feed above ground.
  2. Above ground the new Colditz will be very different.
  3. Autumn raspberries need cutting back to just above ground level, and fruit trees should be sprayed against pests.
  4. A percentage of all rabbits stay above ground during daylight.

What is aboveground biomass?

Above ground biomass (AGB) is defined as “the aboveground standing dry mass of live or dead matter from tree or shrub (woody) life forms, expressed as a mass per unit area” [19], typically Mg ha–1. Urban trees can account for up to 97% of urban AGB [20].

Is belowground a word?

situated beneath the surface of the earth; subterranean. no longer living; buried, as in a cemetery (usually used predicatively): All those who might have known about the incident are now belowground.

What is a synonym for below ground?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for below ground, like: buried, covered, subsurface, subterranean, sunken, underfoot and underground.

What is below the surface?

Into or among the deeper aspects of something, as opposed to those that are most easily identified.

What is the synonym of the word soar?

Synonyms for soar. rocket, shoot (up), skyrocket, zoom.