What is the difference between LINE-X standard and premium?

SAY GOODBYE TO THE FADED BEDLINER. The PREMIUM bedliner is a UV-resistant upgrade from our STANDARD bedliner that will maintain a fresh, “just sprayed” look for years to come. Ready to upgrade to LINE-X Premium? “I got estimates elsewhere, and LINE-X was about $600 lower.

What is LINE-X platinum?

LINE-X PLATINUM uses a pure polyurea technology that combines strength and flexibility to create the toughest bedliner on the market. LINE-X PLATINUM is the total bedliner package — toughness, durability, and UV stability. 300% TOUGHER. PURE POLYUREA TECHNOLOGY. EXTREME ABRASION AND IMPACT RESISTANCE.

Does LINE-X premium fade?

Unfortunately all bedliners fade at the same rate your tires and unpainted body trim do. LINE-X may lose its luster over time, but does not typically turn chalky or grey.

What is better than LINE-X?

Rhino’s thicker coating also aids in sound deadening, and the surface seems to “grab” objects better than Line-X. Thicker material usually means a duller appearance – it doesn’t follow the contours of a truck bed nearly as well as Line-X.

Does Linex fade?

Bring Any Used Bedliner Back to Life. LINE-X® ReNew is a bedliner enhancement system that can repair old, faded, or gouged spray-on truck bedliners. Over time UV light can damage a bedliner, causing it to steadily fade.

Does Linex come in colors?

Yes, LINE-X comes in virtually any color you’d like. The best colors for trucks are typically black, green, grey and blue.

Does Rhino liner come in colors?

Does RHINO LININGS come in colors? Yes, Rhino Linings can be sprayed in virtually any color you’d like. For maximum UV protection and long lasting color, we recommend our SolarMax product, which has the color built right into the chemistry.

What colors can you get in rhino lining?

What colors do rhino liners come in?

  • Black.
  • Camouflage Green.
  • Camouflage Brown.
  • Charcoal Gray.
  • Dark Blue.
  • Dark Green.
  • Desert Tan.
  • Dove Gray.

How long does LineX last?

LINE-X offers a Limited Lifetime National Warranty. It is warranted for as long as you own the vehicle for peeling, blistering, flaking, bubbling or other workmanship issues. If you happen to move, the warranty is covered by our extensive network of over 400 dealers nationwide.