What is the difference between Splenda packets and granulated?

The packets are more condensed in sweetness; they do not take up as much volume. One packet has the sweetness of 2 teaspoons of sugar. SPLENDA (R) Granular has been formulated to be used cup for cup in place of sugar. We recommend using this form for cooking and baking.

Which sweetener is best for kids?

Stevia has been shown to be safe for children up to the acceptable daily limit of 4mg/kg of body weight set by the European Food Safety Authority. Whilst many children eat less than this, we know that toddlers are the group most likely to eat over this amount.

Is Splenda OK for toddlers?

A. Babies are natural copycats, but no matter how much your son begs, I strongly advise against feeding him foods that contain artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame and even the specific sweetener you mentioned, Splenda (sucralose).

Is artificial sweetener OK for children?

Consumers can safely use artificial sweeteners when consumed in a diet guided by current federal nutrition recommendations. The wide range of artificial sweeteners available in food supply should keep artificial sweeteners intake in children well below the acceptable daily intakes.

What is a packet of Splenda equivalent to?

How much Splenda is in a packet? One packet of Splenda is equal to 2 tsp of sugar. 1 gram of sweetener per packet.

How many packets of Splenda equals a teaspoon?

Convert Sugar to Splenda in Your Recipes

Amount of Sugar Amount of Splenda Sweetener Packets
2 tsp 1 packet
1 Tbsp 1 1/2 packets
1/8 cup 3 packets
1/4 cup 6 packets

Which sweetener is good for toddlers?

10 Natural & Healthy Alternatives to Sugar for Babies

Sweetener Top 1 Top 2
Banana Powder Potassium Calcium
Palm Sugar Iron Zinc
Figs puree Calcium Iron
Maple Syrup Magnesium Calcium

Can 2 year olds have stevia?

While it is considered safe to introduce certain stevia extracts after baby’s first birthday, it is our strong opinion that it is best to hold off on introducing the sweetener until after 24 months of age for two reasons. First, research is lacking on the long-term health effects for children consuming stevia.

Which sugar is best for toddlers?

Brown sugar tastes almost the same as white sugar, with a slightly more mellow flavor. It can be used the same way in cooking and baking. Brown sugar can safely be given to children over the age of one.

Is sucralose healthy for children?

Despite what you may have heard, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharine, neotame, acesulfame-K and sucralose don’t cause birth defects or cancer and they aren’t linked to behavior problems.

How many teaspoons of Splenda are in a packet?

One packet equals the sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar, but has nowhere near the same volume. So how do you tell how many packets of Splenda to use to sub for a tablespoon, 1/3 cup, or one whole cup of sugar? Find all those answers here, on this Splenda conversion chart.