What is the hardest mission in Vice City?

Universally considered the hardest mission in Vice City, “Demolition Man” is no fun at all. The task requires players to plant four bombs in a construction site in seven minutes flat.

Does GTA Vice City has an end?

Keep Your Friends Close is the final storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which Tommy Vercetti performs independently from his mansion in Starfish Island, Vice City.

How do I unlock the final mission in GTA Vice City?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – How To Unlock The Final Mission

  1. Step One: Completing The Rub Out Mission And Completing All The Vercetti Estate Missions.
  2. Step Two: Buy And Complete The Printworks Mission Line.
  3. Step Three: Buy And Complete At Least Five Other Properties.
  4. After Completing These Requirements.

What happens after the last mission in GTA Vice City?

Doing side missions after the final mission There are several optional side missions that a player can always go to once they finish the main campaign. For example, the remaining properties have their own storylines to go through. There are also stadium, RC, Sparrow, and off-road missions to complete in GTA Vice City.

Which GTA has the best ending?

Finally, there’s CJ. Some fans complain about how good his ending is, as it’s almost a “happily ever after” ending. Fair enough, CJ probably does have the best ending out of all of the GTA protagonists.

What is the best book about Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

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When does Grand Theft Auto Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition come out?

Rockstar Games. Archived from the original on 16 April 2016. Retrieved 16 April 2016. ^ R* Q (21 November 2012). “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition Coming to iOS and Android Devices on December 6th”.

Why is Vice City in Grand Theft Auto V?

Vice City previously appeared in the original Grand Theft Auto (1997); the development team decided to reuse the location and incorporate ideas from within the studio and the fanbase. They wanted to satirise a location that was not contemporary, unlike Grand Theft Auto III’s Liberty City.

How long did it take to make Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

Rockstar North began to develop Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in late 2001, around the time of Grand Theft Auto III’s release. While initial development only involved creating 3D models, executive producer Sam Houser said “it really kicked off at the beginning of 2002” and lasted about nine months.