What is the highest package of srinidhi engineering college?

The Sreenidhi has corporate linkages with over 300 companies which regularly conduct campus recruitment at Sreenidhi. Highest package this academic year is 9.00 lakhs per annum.

Is Sreenidhi good for CSE?

A good engineering college with many extra curricular activities. Placements: The placements are decent in this college. CEC and IT students will get more placements than other courses. About 80% of the students from the CSE branch got placements the highest salary package is 12LPA.

How is srinidhi college of engineering?

Good College for Engineering with enjoyable learning.. Sreenidhi College of Engineering is a college which has good infrastructure and the facilities are soo good to get graduated.

Is Sreenidhi better than Bvrit?

While BVRIT is placed in a suburban region(Narsapur) and SNIST is near to the city. But according to the academics both the colleges give their students the best education . While BVRIT has a slight edge in the sports and recreation division. The placements of both colleges are well and good.

Is srinidhi college autonomous?

The college is affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH). In the year 2010-11, the institution attained autonomous status and it is the first college under JNTUH to get that status.

Which is best Sreenidhi or CVR?

Both the colleges are a good one! placements and rank cutoff’s(TS EAMCET) sreenidhi is better choice,even you can go through college official websites and cross check them and you can come to an opinion.

Is srinidhi a autonomous college?

Which is better Mgit or Bvrit?

And, that’s how BVRIT compels towards excellence….Which is the better college: MGIT or BVRIT?

Categories BVRIT MGIT
Highest CTC 28 LPA 15 LPA
Average CTC 5-10 LPA 4-8 LPA
Recruiting Companies Deloitte, Flipkart, Amazon, Dell, etc. HCL, Wipro, Virtusa, Tata, etc.

Is Sreenidhi a co education?

Status: Co-Ed.

Who is Sreenidhi?

Sreenidhi Tirumala (born 26 January 1990), is an Indian Carnatic musician, Playback singer and Music director. Sreenidhi performed in major sabhas in India and presented her concerts in many destinations around the world.

Is JNTU CSE good?

JNTUH is coming in the list of good colleges for engineering even for computer science and engineering according to the feedback of students almost each student get placed every year, as per the available information till now the highest package in Computer Science in engineering is 36 lakh per annum offered by …