What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Tempe Arizona?

The highest recorded temperature in Tempe is 118.0°F (47.8°C), which was recorded in June. The lowest recorded temperature in Tempe is 15.0°F (-9.4°C), which was recorded in January. The average amount of precipitation for the year in Tempe is 8.0″ (203.2 mm).

What was the hottest year in Arizona?

Arizona annual average temperature, 60.31 degrees, 10th warmest state in the U.S.

  • Record Hottest year in Arizona – 1896, / Avg temperature 63.92 degrees.
  • Record Coldest year in Arizona – 1912 / Avg temperature 56.99 degrees.
  • Is July the hottest month in Arizona?

    Average Temperature in Phoenix The hottest month of the year in Phoenix is July, with an average high of 106°F and low of 85°F. The cool season lasts for 3.2 months, from November 21 to February 26, with an average daily high temperature below 74°F.

    What was the hottest summer in Phoenix?

    as Phoenix sees hottest June on record. Phoenix topped out at 118 degrees on June 17, matching the hottest temperature recorded in 2020. PHOENIX — Summer may have just started, but the Arizona heat has been here for a long time.

    What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix Arizona?

    122 degrees
    On June 26, 1990, Phoenix hit 122 degrees, the hottest temperature ever recorded in the city.

    When did Phoenix hit 122 degrees?

    June 26, 1990

    What is the hottest day on record in Arizona?

    26 Jun 1990
    Extreme Temperature Facts for Phoenix,Yuma, and El Centro

    Phoenix Period of Record (POR) (1896-2020)
    Longest stretch of 110°F or greater days 18 (12 Jun 1974 – 29 Jun 1974)
    Top 5 Hottest Days 1. 122 (26 Jun 1990) 2. 121 (28 Jul 1995) 3. 120 (25 Jun 1990) 4. 119 (20 Jun 2017) 119 (29 Jun 2013)

    Is Arizona the hottest state?

    In the southwest, conditions are hot and dry like a desert. Below are the ten hottest states in the U.S. based on average temperatures. All of these states have average annual temperatures above 60.0°F….Hottest States 2022.

    State Average Temperature °F
    Arizona 60.3
    Oklahoma 59.6
    California 59.4
    North Carolina 59

    What makes Arizona so hot?

    Arizona’s Location Contributes to How Hot It Gets And the valley that Phoenix sits in is surrounded by mountains, which leads to an updraft of heat, rain, and clouds that can’t make it inside of the valley. This causes higher air pressure to build up, and this also keeps the clouds away.

    What is the hottest city in the US?

    Key West, Florida is the hottest city in the United States followed by Miami, Florida and Yuma, Arizona. Seven of the ten hottest cities in the United States are in Florida….

    Rank City Mean Temperature
    1 Key West, FL 78.1°F
    2 Miami, FL 76.7°F
    3 Yuma, AZ 75.3°F
    4 West Palm Beach, FL 75.3°F