What is the main idea of the Blueback?

A key theme in Blueback is the impact of the overfishing conducted by Costello. Costello’s reckless behaviour and the continuous overfishing in Longboat Bay begins to have a detrimental effect on the ecosystem.

What is the story Blueback about?

Blueback is an achingly beautiful story about family, belonging, and living a life in tune with the environment, from Tim Winton, one of Australia’s best-loved authors. Abel Jackson’s boyhood belongs to a vanishing world. On an idyllic stretch of coast whose waters teem with fish, he lives a simple, tough existence.

What is the conflict in Blueback?

One of the main conflicts in Blueback is when Abel and Dora try to save Blueback from Costello. Costello is constructed as a mean selfish character who is only interested in doing something for his own gain.

How old is Abel in Blueback?

In the small community of Longboat Bay, ten year old Abel and his mother live off the land and spending their days in the company of one another. While snorkeling for Abalone along the pristine coastline, Abel discovers the most tremendous Blue Groper the bay has ever seen.

What is the climax in Blueback?

Able leaves his mother and Blueback behind and becomes a world-famous marine biologist, gets married, and travels the world.

What happens to Costello in Blueback?

Trouble never came from Costello but he continues to strip the reef but he is not spearing any fish and certainly not Blueback, he is holed up nursing his sore head. One afternoon the Fisheries department boat came in and board Costello’s boat, he is towed away, fined and put out of business.

What happened at the end of Blueback?

Dora dives down and drives Blueback away in order to protect the old fish while Able throws as many Abalone back into the ocean as he can in hopes of saving some, but the boat’s deck is covered in blood.

Who is Blueback in the book Blueback?

Abel Jackson
Abel Jackson lives in isolated area of Australia between a national park and the sea, where he helps his mother dive for abalone; his father is dead. When he’s 10, he encounters a huge, magnificent blue grouper he names Blueback, a fish legendary for its cleverness and daring.

Is there a Blueback movie?

Blueback is an upcoming Australian drama film written and directed by Robert Connolly. It is based on the 1997 novel of the same name by Tim Winton. The film stars Mia Wasikowska, Radha Mitchell and Eric Bana. It is part of the list of films that was offer at 71st Berlin International Film Festival in March 2021.

Who are the characters in Blueback?

Thea A boy named Abel, his mother, Dora, and a Groper named Blueback are the main protagonists of this story. Katie Dora is Abels girlfriend, Abels mum that died, mad macca, the fisheries department, the bad man that steals everything and that wanted to kill Blueback, Abels dad that died and the central park.

How old was Abel when he went away Blueback?

Summary: When Abel turned thirteen he had to go away to school and live in a hostel, On his last day at home he planned to swim with Blueback but the ocean was wild and tormented. Waves smashed against the jetty and the rocks.

What did Abel wish Blueback could tell him?

He just wished he could understand the language of fish. His mother told him he looks like his father and people tell him that his father thought he was fish. The pilchards died all the way along the coast and the more Abel thought about it the more he wanted to figure it out.