What is the main point of The Scarlet Letter?

In The Scarlet Letter, the idea of sin and punishment is the main theme of the novel and how Hester Prynne, the main character, has been punished for her sin of adultery.

What are the major themes of the novel The Scarlet Letter?

The Scarlet Letter Themes

  • Sin. The Puritans believed people were born sinners.
  • Individuality and Conformity. As an adulterer, Hester has broken Puritan society’s harsh and strict rules.
  • Puritanism. The Scarlet Letter presents a critical, even disdainful, view of Puritanism.
  • Nature.
  • The Occult.

What is the moral message of The Scarlet Letter?

Hester Prynne committing a sin is considered as one of the important moral in the scarlet letter. Everyone in the society commits a sin but that doesn’t mean everyone should be punished like Hester a young woman who in her adultery mistakenly happens to fall in love and does the crime.

What happened in the beginning of The Scarlet Letter?

The story begins in seventeenth-century Boston, then a Puritan settlement. A young woman, Hester Prynne, is led from the town prison with her infant daughter, Pearl, in her arms and the scarlet letter “A” on her breast. A man in the crowd tells an elderly onlooker that Hester is being punished for adultery.

What is the conflict of The Scarlet Letter?

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, develops the theme of conflict through the moral sin of Hester Prynne. Conflict is observed through Hester’s difficulties with the townspeople, challenges with the Puritan way of life, struggles with herself and tensions with Roger Chillingworth.

What is the exposition of the story The Scarlet Letter?

Exposition. In 17th-Century Puritan Boston, Hester Prynne is on trial for adultery. She has a 3-month old baby named Pearl, and Hester refuses to name the father. As punishment, Hester must wear a scarlet “A” on her chest for the rest of her life.

What is the theme of The Scarlet Letter essay?

Theme of Hypocrisy in the Scarlet Letter It delves into a puritanical society and follows the life of Hester, a woman convicted of lechery. Her punishment is to permanently wear a token of her sin.

What view of life does The Scarlet Letter present?

The Scarlet Letter is written from an omniscient third-person perspective in which the narrator describes the thoughts and feeling of the main characters as well as the general sentiments of the townspeople, which shows how the characters function in their larger community.

What is the rising action of The Scarlet Letter?

The rising action is when Hester Prynne is given her punishment for the crime of adultery. Her punishment is to wear the scarlet “A” on her bosom for the rest of her life, the scarlet letter is not only a punishment but a symbol throughout the book. Of sin, and of a reminder to Hester on her crime.