What is the meaning of Moo Moo land?

The “ethnic chorus line” to which NME referred is the refrain “All bound for Mu Mu land”, a reference to the Lost Continent of Mu, which is identified with the fictional land Lemuria in The Illuminatus!

Who sang mumu land?

The KLFJustified and Ancient / Artist

Who was the female singer in the KLF?

Bill DrummondGuitar
Jimmy CautyProgramming
The KLF/Members

How did the KLF get Tammy Wynette?

In September 1991, Tammy was the beneficiary of extraordinary good luck: an international pop hit that dropped into her lap from out of nowhere. The gift came by way of UK musicians Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, aka the KLF, a crackpot outfit known for dance hits and absurdist antics.

What did KLF stand for?

Kopyright Liberation Front
In 1991, the KLF, an acronym for Kopyright Liberation Front, was the bestselling British act in the world.

Who wrote Justified and Ancient?

Bill Drummond
Jimmy CautyRicardo da Force
Justified and Ancient/Lyricists

Where are the KLF from?

London, United KingdomThe KLF / Origin

Why are The KLF called The KLF?

By the time the JAMs’ single “Whitney Joins The JAMs” was released in September 1987, their record label had been renamed “KLF Communications” (from the earlier The Sound of Mu(sic)). The duo’s first release as the KLF was in March 1988, with the single “Burn the Bastards”/”Burn the Beat” (KLF 002).

What was the KLF biggest hit?

Latest news about KLF

Date Title, Artist Peak Pos
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Why are KLF called KLF?

In 1991, the KLF, an acronym for Kopyright Liberation Front, was the bestselling British act in the world. Riding the post-acid house boom in club music, they could do no wrong: every tune they touched turned to gold.

What were The KLF called before?

Also known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu The JAMs The Timelords K Foundation 2K K2 Plant Hire
Origin London
Genres Electronic house ambient dance avant-garde
Years active 1987–1992 1993–1995 1997 2017–present

Where is the land of Mu?

It was subsequently popularized as an alternative term for the hypothetical land of Lemuria by James Churchward, who asserted that Mu was located in the Pacific Ocean before its destruction. The place of Mu in literature has been discussed in detail in Lost Continents (1954) by L. Sprague de Camp .

What is the origin of Mu?

Max Heindel, a Danish-American occultist, wrote about Mu in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception (1909), which offers a different image and chronology. According to Heindel, Mu existed when the Earth’s crust was still hardening, in a period of high heat and dense atmosphere.

What was the geography of Mu like?

The continent was believed to be flat with massive plains, vast rivers, rolling hills, large bays, and estuaries. He claimed that according to the creation myth he read in the Indian tablets, Mu had been lifted above sea level by the expansion of underground volcanic gases.

How many people were there in Mu?

The 64 million inhabitants were separated as ten tribes that followed one government and one religion. Churchward claimed that the landmass of Mu was located in the Pacific Ocean, and stretched east–west from the Marianas to Easter Island, and north–south from Hawaii to Mangaia.