What is the meaning of Terminar?

verb to finish
[termiˈnar ] Full verb table transitive verb. to finish.

What does the verb Terminar mean in Spanish?

The verb ‘Terminar’ means to finish or to end.

How do you spell acabo?

Now, let’s see the complete conjugation in the present tense for the verb acabarse….Present Tense Conjugation for Acabar.

Spanish English
yo acabo I finish
tú acabas you finish
él, ella, usted acaba he, she, it, finishes (formal you finish)

How do you use Terminar in a sentence?

I just finished my homework – acabo de terminar mis deberes. She just called the doctor – Ella acaba de llamar al médico. I just do not understand – No acabo de entenderlo.

What is the future tense of Terminar?

Mode: Indicative

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo terminaré
Tu terminarás
El/Ella terminará
Nosotros terminaremos

What is the difference between Acabar and Terminar?

Terminar vs Acabar To begin, terminar and acabar are used without distinction very often to mean that a task is finished. However, there is a difference because terminar conveys exactly ‘to finish’ a task whereas acabar can convey the idea ‘to end up’ when an adjective follows.

Is Terminar a regular verb?

Terminar is a Spanish regular ar verb meaning to finish. Terminar appears on the 100 Most Used Spanish Verbs Poster as the 17th most used regular ar verb.

How do you use acabo?

The verb acabar by itself means to finish, to end. So, when you say ‘Acabo de comer,’ what you were literally saying is that ‘I am finishing eating….Acabar de in the Present Tense.

yo acabo nosotros acabamos
él/ella/Ud. acaba ellos/ellas/Uds. acaban

Does espera mean wait?

This week’s Spanish word of the week is esperar. Esperar is an verb that means to wait, to wait for; to expect; to hope and you can find out how to pronounce it here: “You can’t always get what you want”, at least not immediately, and so you might have to wait for it.

How do you conjugate Acabar?


  1. yo. acabo.
  2. tú acabas.
  3. él/ella/Ud. acaba.
  4. nosotros. acabamos.
  5. vosotros. acabáis.
  6. ellos/ellas/Uds. acaban.