What is the most common injury for firefighters?

Sprain, strain and muscular pain are the most prevalent of all injury types incurred by firefighters, with the most common cause of injuries being overexertion, falls, jumps and slips (Figure 1.2).

What percentage of injuries occurred on the fireground?

Firefighters were more likely to be injured at fireground operations than other types of duties. In 2020, 22,450 injuries, or 35 percent of all reported firefighter injuries, occurred at the fireground.

Is there a minimum height for a firefighter?

What are the minimum and maximum heights you need to be to become a firefighter? There are no height restrictions, however, you will need to pass a series of role based tests such as removing a ladder from the rear of a fire appliance, which some may find more difficult than others.

What are the 5 most common causes of firefighter injuries?

The leading primary symptoms of fireground injuries among career firefighters were strains or sprains (27 percent), smoke inhalation (18 percent), pain only (12 percent), thermal burns (7 percent), and cuts or lacerations (5 percent).

Where do most firefighter injuries occur?

The majority of fire-related firefighter injuries (87%) occurred in structure fires. In addition, on average, structure fires had more injuries per fire than nonstructure fires. Injuries resulted in lost work time for 46% of firefighters with reported fire-related injuries.

Do firefighters get hot?

Firefighter Shane Clarke. Firefighters must be fully encapsulated while battling a blaze –- not a single speck of skin can be exposed to the blistering temperatures. Under the suit, a firefighter’s core body temperature, on a hot day, can reach 160 degrees at a fire site.

What is the number one killer of firefighters?

According to the CDC, cancer is the leading cause of death among firefighters. Local stations are working hard to combat that.

Who is the shortest firefighter?

Vince Brasco
The shortest firefighter is Vince Brasco (USA), who stands 127 cm (4 ft 2 in) tall and volunteers for his local fire station in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

How much weight does a firefighter carry?

The average set of turnout gear weighs as much as 45 pounds. This includes; helmets, gloves, hoods, boots, coats, and pants.

What time of day do most firefighter injuries occur?

As shown in Figure 2, fires resulting in firefighter injuries occurred most frequently in the midday, peaking from 1 to 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., fires resulting in injuries decreased until midnight. A small peak is then seen in the early morning.