What is the most popular LEGO Minifigure series?

The Most-Popular LEGO Minifigures

  • Darth Vader (Amazon link)
  • Luke Skywalker (Amazon link)
  • Black Falcon (Amazon link)
  • 14K gold Boba Fett.
  • Mr. Gold Exclusive (Series 10)
  • Black Suit Superman.
  • Iron Man (2012 New York Toy Fair exclusive)
  • Captain America (2012 New York Toy Fair exclusive)

What is the rarest What if LEGO Minifigure?

The Boba Fett Collection Definitely making it the rarest of all LEGO Minifigures ever. Thirdly, and most importantly, no complete set has ever been put up for sale! Experts estimate the value of a 14-carat Boba Fett to be $20,000.

Is there a LEGO Sauron minifigure?

LEGO Lord of the Rings: MOUTH OF SAURON (2013) Minifigure by LEGO Lord of the Rings : Toys & Games.

What is the rarest minifigure in Series 21?

It goes without saying that the Centaur Warrior represents tremendous value, and will be highly sought after. I think she will be the most popular/rarest minifigure as I and everyone else who wants to build a Centaur army can now do so cheaply, and easily.

What is the next Lego minifigure series?

Earlier this week, reports emerged of three more Collectible Minifigures series joining 71032 Series 22 in 2022, including a follow-up to 71031 Marvel Studios, a batch anchored around the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary, and a six-minifigure series that may or may not have something to do with Super Mario.

What does CMF mean in LEGO?

The Collectible Minifigures (CMF) theme, introduced in 2010, is a set of individually packaged “blind bag” minifigures.

What is the rarest minifigure?

Without further adieu, here are the rarest LEGO minifigures of all time:

  • Solid 18k White Gold R2-D2. rarest_lego_minifigures. …
  • San Diego Comic Con Boba Fett Trio.
  • 14k Gold C-3PO. …
  • 2012 Toy Fair Captain America and Iron Man. …
  • Gold C-3PO. …
  • LEGO x NASA Alien Frame. …
  • Red Sox Minifig. …
  • Any SDCC or NYCC Exclusives.