What is the Nahanni National Park known for?

Located along the South Nahanni River, one of the most spectacular wild rivers in North America, this park contains deep canyons and huge waterfalls, as well as a unique limestone cave system. The park is also home to animals of the boreal forest, such as wolves, grizzly bears and caribou.

Can you visit Nahanni National Park?

All aircraft operators must have permits to land in the park. Permits are available from the park office . All visitors to Nahanni National Park Reserve must pay the appropriate user fees. Overnight visitors are required to register with the park office, and de-register upon their safe return.

Is Nahanni National Park open?

Presently around 800–1000 people visit the park every year, most of which are overnight visitors who travel down the South Nahanni. The park is open year-round, but most visitors come in June, July, and August.

What can you do in Nahanni National Park?

Nahanni National Park Reserve: 6 Top Highlights

  • Paddle the South Nahanni River. Canoeing on the Nahanni River.
  • Virginia Falls. Virginia Falls.
  • Climbing. Cirque of the Unclimbables.
  • Fishing. Arctic grayling.
  • Hiking. Landscape in Nahanni National Park.
  • Flightseeing Trips. Aerial view of Cirque of the Unclimbables.

Can you go to the Headless Valley?

The Nahanni River flows through Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories in northern Canada. The Nahanni Valley is only accessible by river, plane, or foot.

How many have died in Nahanni Valley?

Since Nahanni National Park Reserve was established, at least five people have died while travelling along the South Nahanni River and its tributaries. In some cases, bodies have never been found, so it is impossible to determine the exact circumstances that lead up to the presumed death.