What is the name of Marathi months?


February फेब्रुवारी phēbruvārī
March मार्च mārca
April एप्रिल ēprila
May मे mē
June जून jūna

Which month is Makar Sankranti in Marathi?


Festival name Date – Hindu lunar calendar Date – Gregorian calendar
Diwali Ashwin-Kartik October–November
Khandoba Festival/Champa Shashthi Margashirsh December
Makar Sankranti Varies January 14 or 15
Maha Shivaratri Magha trayodashi January–February

Which festivals are celebrated in the month of vaishakh?

Festivals of Vaishakh Month : Vaishakh Sankranti 2022, 14th April

  • Kamada Ekadashi Fast 2022, 12th April.
  • Shri Mahavir Birthday (Jain) 2022, 14th April.
  • Shri Hanuman Birthday 2022, 16th April.
  • Shri Ganesh Chaturthi Fast 2022, 19th April.
  • Varuthini Ekadashi Vrata, Shri Vallabhacharya Birthday, 26th April.

Which is the Indian month before vaishakh?

Rules for civil use

Months of the Indian Civil Calendar Days Correlation of Indian/Gregorian
2. Vaisakha 31 Vaisakha 1
3. Jyaistha 31 Jyaistha 1
4. Asadha 31 Asadha 1
5. Sravana 31 Sravana 1

What is chaitra vaishakh?

चैत्र – Chaitra – April to May. Chaitra begins with the new moon in April. The first day of this month is called Gudi Padwa, which marks the day of Hindu new year. वैशाख – Vaishakh – May to June. Vaishakh is season of crop harvesting and the second month of hindu calendar.

What is Chaitra month English?

Months (Georgian Calendar/English) Vasanta (Spring) Chaitra – Vaisakha. March-April.

Which Marathi season in December?

Big Boss Marathi Season 3 Gets its Five Finalists, Grand Finale on December 26. The grand finale of season 3 will air on December 26 when the show completes its 100-day fixed run-time.

What month is vaishakh?

Vaisakh (Punjabi: ਵਿਸਾਖ, Punjabi pronunciation: [ʋɪsaːkʰᵊ]) is the second month in the Nanakshahi calendar. This month coincides with April and May in the Gregorian calendar and to Vaisakha in the Hindu calendar and the Indian national calendar; it comprises the time of crop-harvesting in the Punjab region.

What is the meaning of vaishakh in Sanskrit?

Vaisakh Nandan is a Sanskrit derived word which means a dreamer or dancer in the month of Vaisakha, which means April.

What is Chaitra vaishakh?

Is Chaitra month auspicious?

Chaitra month is auspicious for fulfilling the function of sacred thread ceremony or Upanayana. Because Upanayana is the eligibility for Brahmin boys to start Vedic learning. Yet, reading Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana is sacred this month.

Is Chaitra month good?

What are the Hindu months in Marathi?

What you mean to ask are Hindu Calendar months and not marathi names of months. The months are Chitra, Vaishakh, Jyeshtha, Aashadh, Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Margshirsh, Paush, Magh and Falgun. Most of the India follows these months. In North India, a month ends on Full Moon day whereas in South and West, a month ends on No-moon day (Amavasya).

Which is the 5th day of Diwali festival in Kartik month?

1st day of Kartik month is celebrated as 5th day of Diwali festival. This is called “Bali Pratipada / Padwa” (return of the King Bali on Earth). on 2nd day of the month and 6th day of Diwali “Bhaubeej / Bhaiduj” is celebrated. This is festival of brother and sister relation.

Why do we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi?

On 3rd day of Bhadrapad month, a festival called “Haritalika” is celebrated by women (both married and unmarried). This day is dedicated to goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva. On 4th day, people welcome Lord Ganesh in house in the form of deities. This festival is named “Ganesh Chaturthi”.

What is Jeshta Gauri/Mahalaxmi Festival?

During Ganesh festival, on 6th day of the month, Jeshta Gauri / Mahalaxmi festival is celebrated. This is observed for 3 days, Jeshta Gauri Aavahan (welcome), Jeshta Gauri Pujan (worship and offer food of 16 different type), Jeshta Gauri Visarjan (immersion of Gauri).