What is the non-emergency number for police in BC?

This is a list of non-emergency numbers and online crime reporting tools within E-Comm’s service area in B.C. Take a moment to look up your local non-emergency number and write it down or save in your phone’s contacts….Locations starting with A.

604-796-2211 Online Crime Reporting
Fire 604-796-2614

How do I contact the police in Ontario?

Contact Police You can also reach the OPP by calling 1 888 310-1122 (toll-free in Ontario). Our Provincial Communications Centres operate 24/7, answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

How many police officers are in New Westminster?

New Westminster Police Department
Headquarters 555 Columbia Street
Elected officers responsible The Honourable Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General of British Columbia His Worship Jonathan X. Coté, Mayor & Chair of the New Westminster Police Board
Agency executive Dave Jansen, Chief Constable

How do you call the police in Vancouver?

Contact a VPD officer If you know the name and/or badge number of the police officer you’re trying to reach, call 604-873-7000 or if you are within the city of Vancouver, you can dial 3-1-1.

How do you call 811 in BC?

Call 811 for 24/7 health advice Call 8-1-18-1-1 toll-free in B.C., or for the deaf and hard of hearing, call 7-1-17-1-1 (TTY).

Can you speak to the police for advice?

Contact the police by calling 999 to report emergencies or by calling 101 for non-emergencies.

How many cops are in Vancouver?

1,348 sworn officers

Vancouver Police Department
Operational structure
Headquarters 2120 Cambie Street/3585 Graveley Street
Police Constables 1,348 sworn officers (2021)
Civilian Employees 412 Civilian Employees

What is the non-emergency number in Canada?

If you require Police assistance, but are not in an emergency situation (e.g. Reporting thefts, vandalism, fraud) or for other situations where no person or property is in immediate danger, please call our non-emergency telephone number 416-808-2222.