What is the overall theme of Deus Caritas Est?

The encyclical says that social justice is the primary responsibility of politics and the laity; the church itself should inform the debate on social justice with reason guided by faith, but its main social activity should be directed towards charity.

What is the message of Redemptor hominis?

According to Redemptor Hominis, Mary can lead us into the divine and human dimension of the mystery of redemption like no other, since she intimately experienced it. Redemptor Hominis teaches that Mary was part of the Church, mother to the Church, from the very beginning.

What are the two types of love discussed in the encyclical?

This week most Core I classes are reading Benedict XVI’s encyclical “Deus Caritas Est” or “God is Love.” His first papal encyclical, this beautifully articulated piece examines the links between two types of love – in Greek, eros (or ascending love, sometimes simply rendered romantic love) and agape (or descending love …

What is meant by hypostatic union?

Definition of hypostatic union : union in one hypostasis especially : the union of the divine and human natures of Christ in one hypostasis.

Who he is the incarnate Word of God that redeemed the world from the state of sinfulness?

The essence of the doctrine of the Incarnation is that the preexistent Word has been embodied in the man Jesus of Nazareth, who is presented in the Gospel According to John as being in close personal union with the Father, whose words Jesus is speaking when he preaches the gospel.

What is the meaning of God Is Love?

God is Love or Deus caritas est, subtitled De Christiano Amore ( Of Christian Love ), is a 2005 encyclical, the first written by Pope Benedict XVI, in large part derived from writings by his late predecessor, Pope John Paul II. Its subject is love, as seen from a Christian perspective, and God’s place within all love .

What is an encyclical?

Encyclicals are the most important form of communication a pope has at his disposal. Over the last century, the first encyclical of a new pontificate has set the tone for everything that follows, explaining how a pope views his office and its role in the life of his billion-member flock.

What does God Is Love have to do with politics?

God Is Love shows us that peace in the world depends on knowing the truth about God and ourselves and living the truth once we know it. Pope Benedict encourages us to live out this truth through charity toward our neighbor and participation in the political process. Politics needs to be based on objective reason informed by faith.

Is God’s Love an elective love?

His love, moreover, is an elective love: among all the nations he chooses Israel and loves her—-but he does so precisely with a view to healing the whole human race. God loves, and his love may certainly be called eros, yet it is also totally agape…