What is the password for Mega Man?

Enter 1764 1488 7748 in the password input screen to skip the intro level.

What is the password for Megaman 2?

Boss Only Passwords

Password Effect Password
Quick Man defeated A1 D2 C3 E2 E4 D5 E1 B4 B5
Wood Man defeated A1 D2 C3 E2 E4 D5 E1 C4 D3
Air Man, Bubble Man defeated A1 E3 D1 E2 E4 D5 E1 C4 B5
Air Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man defeated A1 E3 D1 C5 E4 D5 E1 C4 B5

What is the password for Mega Man 3?


Effect Effect
Red: C5-E1 Blue: A1-A3-B2-B5-D3-F4 Dr. Wily’s Castle with all weapons and items, no E-Tanks
Blue: A1, A3, A6, B2, B5, D3, F4 Every weapon, nine E-tanks and start at Break man
Red: A3, C5, F5; Blue: B5, F4 Gemini Man Defeated
A6,B5, Red Gemini Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.

What is Boomer Kuwanger weakness?

He is weak to Homing Torpedoes, as they lock on to his energy signature, and they can hunt him down even when he vanishes. However, if the player continuously shoots him with the X-Buster, Boomer Kuwanger will not have a chance to hit with his Boomerang Cutter or move close to the player.

What is the passkey for Punch Out?


Effect Effect
005 737 5423 Major Circuit
007 373 5963 Mike Tyson
032 730 8442 Piston Honda (2nd fight)
231 750 7438 Super Macho Man, 0W – 0L

How do you beat the break Man in Mega Man 3?

There’s no real secret to defeating him, just keep shooting him and slide underneath him when he jumps, because he’ll only shoot in one direction. His weakness is the Mega Buster, since he’s actually immune to any other weapon. After that, he pops up and you follow, and then you move on to Wily’s castle.

What animal is Boomerang Kuwanger?

Boomer Kuwanger (ブーメル・クワンガー, Būmeru Kuwangā) also known as Boomerang Kuwanger, is a boss in Mega Man X, a Reploid based on the stag beetle (“kuwagata” in Japanese).