What is the point of Toca blocks?

Construct worlds and fill them with your own adventurous paths. Craft detailed obstacle courses, intricate race tracks or floating islands. Meet the characters and discover their unique abilities as you take them though your world.

How do you make things on Toca blocks?

Block Recipes

  1. Magic + Yellow = Black Warp.
  2. Magic + Red = pink bouncy block.
  3. Magic + Green = water.
  4. yellow + red = Brick.
  5. Yellow + Green = cake grass.
  6. red + Green = rock.
  7. Black Warp+ yellow = Scaffolding (1 & 2 height)
  8. Black Warp + green = Beanstalk.

How do you make a TV in Toca blocks?

RECIPE. The recipe for a television is to combine a black warp with a gradient block.

Are Toca blocks free?

Hop on over to Amazon, iTunes or the Google Play Store where you can download this highly rated Toca Blocks App for FREE! This game is a unique world-building adventure that allows you to build your own worlds, play in them and share them with friends!

Is Toca Lab free?

Parents need to know that Toca Lab is a free-play app that introduces young kids to the general concept of the periodic table of elements and lets them experiment in a virtual chemistry lab.

How do you make fireworks in Toca blocks?

The recipe for a firework is RGBB and Polkadot.

How do you make ladders in Toca blocks?

The recipe for the ladder is to combine a brick wall with a diagonal stripes (yellow, blue, pink) block.

How do you play Toca Boo?

Description. Toca Boo is a fun, new app from Toca Boca that features Bonnie who loves to spook her family. The player helps Bonnie float around the 6 rooms in her house looking for hiding places before other family members come into the room. If she manages to hide in time she will jump out with a great BOO!

How do I download Toca life?

How to Download and Play Toca Life: World on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Look for Toca Life: World in the search bar at the top right corner.
  3. Click to install Toca Life: World from the search results.
  4. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Toca Life: World.

Can you make clothes in Toca life world?

With Toca Tailor, you can create, combine and style fun outfits for four different characters. Choose between lots of clothing designs, then tailor them by adjusting hems and lengthening sleeves.

Where is the ladder in Toca Boca?

The ladder can be found in the home items tab after creating or discovering it.