What is the price of CSCS?

CSCS Exam Registration Fees

Member Rate* Non-Member Rate
Registration Fee $340 $475
Retake Fee for Both Sections $340 $475
Retake Fee for One Section $250 $385

How much is a CSCS test UK?

No matter what CSCS card you are applying for there is a flat-rate cost of £36. In addition to this cost, you will also need to pay for the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test (commonly known as the CSCS Test) which is a requirement for all of the CSCS cards. This test costs £22.50.

Which CSCS card is best?

Black CSCS card – Manager This card is the highest available CSCS card and is for manager and technical occupations. This advanced level card requires both: Experience as a manager within the construction industry.

How do I get a red CSCS card?

To apply for this card, you must have passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test within the past two years (unless you are exempt – HSE Test and Exemptions). As with the other red cards this is also not renewable, valid for a period of six months.

Do you have to pay for CSCS card?

All CSCS cards cost £36 and all CITB HS&E tests cost £22.50. February 18th, 2022: CSCS is experiencing card payment issues with certain banks currently but we are working hard to resolve this. If the card payment for your online application fails, please call the contact centre to make payment: 0344 99 44 777.

How much does it cost to renew a CSCS card?

To renew a CSCS card you need to prove you have the appropriate training and qualifications required to carry out your job. You also need to pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment test. The test costs £22.50.

How much is a CITB test?

You can book the test from the CITB website. The test costs £22.50. If the person taking the test needs additional support e.g. accessibility or literacy, please call the CITB booking line on 0344 994 4488.

What does a black CSCS card mean?

What is The CSCS Black Card? A CSCS black card is the manager level card in the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. Holding the card demonstrates that you’re experienced and can hold a management position on a construction site, whilst working safely.

Are CSCS cards being scrapped?

CSCS has agreed to gradually withdraw any cards that have been issued under Industry Accreditation (aka ‘grandfather rights’). From the 1st January 2020, all cards renewed under this format will expire on 31st December 2024. The card will stop being issued under Industry Accreditation as of the 30th June 2024.

Can I work on site without a CSCS card?

Is it illegal to work on a site without a CSCS card? They’re not a legal requirement. The industry itself introduced the cards under advice from the government, which is why lots of sites and major contractors use them.

How do I check if a CSCS card is valid?

For further information on how to set up and use a CSCS Online account click here. A quick and easy way to check if a card is valid is via one of the free online card checkers. Simply enter the required data to view the status of a card.

How much does a CSCS card cost to replace?

Unfortunately though you will have to pay another £36 for a replacement card. If you need to replace your CSCS card then the best thing to do is contact the CSCS contact centre on 0344 994 4777 and they will be able to help you out.

Why isn’t my CSCs or CPCs or CISRS card achievement being uploaded?

However, due to technical issues between the systems there is a delay in CSCS, CPCS and CISRS card achievements being uploaded. We are working with CSCS and NOCN to resolve this issue. As an interim measure, those wanting to check their card situation can do so using the links below:

What are the different types of CSCs cards?

CSCS cards are differentiated by their colour (red (experienced), red (provisional), green, gold, black, blue, white/yellow, white/grey and yellow) and all have different requirements attached to them – such as NVQ training levels and seniority ranking.